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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A special day~

Wait a min... it's not for me...!!
for who??

i dedicated my day to them....

n now... i have no more strength and energy =.=

Saturday, June 19, 2010

update *

i got my Korean Air Internship ! ^^
will start work on july the 5th till 27th of August~ hehe :)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

my 1st company interview

yesterday 11th of june.. i had my 1st interview experience in Korea..
the company is Korean Air.. which is totally not related to my major as the work that they offer are related mostly to business and management

the interview was devided into 3 parts
1st : translation from english to korean
2nd : company interview(korean)
3rd : english speaking

my 1st impression to the Korean Air headquarter office was... cool! the view was very nice.. i could still remember.. the path that i walk to toilet.. i could see real aeroplanes through the transparent window.. it's so near and so big,.. the view is really nice... i really really like this place a lot..

my 1st part of interview.. was sucked @_@ i screwed up the whole thing as i oni manage to translate 2 paragraphs with my broken korean... sigh.. i wish i could this better.. becoz of this i'm really scare tat i'll lose my chance to get my intern @_@
i just dunno why.. at that moment my mind was blank... i couldn't remember a lot vocabs and so on.. so it's really tough for me to write out in korean..

after the 1st test.. i got to know tat most of my frens they did quite well.. manage to translate at least more than half of the passage.. i was very down n sad..

but then very fast i manage to keep back all those negative feelings.. i told myself.. since i did so badly in the 1st 1.. i need to add more extra points in the next 2 interview...

i did my very best esp during the korean interview part.. i really enjoy it a lot.. put in lots of effort to try to speak more n let the interviewer to pay more attention on me...

May God Bless me.. and i really wish i can have another chance to enter the office n take a picture of those aeroplanes for u guys to c..~

love ,
yi wen ^^

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

林峯- 我們很好

it's been a long time... i couldn't find a chinese song... tat i like so much....