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Monday, September 27, 2010


Hey! i just spare some time to decorate the outlook of my blog~

So what do you think? ^^

Oh yeah..

Happy ROM 2010 to my 2nd brother… keke… ur life sentence certificate dont you forget to do what u’ve promise! ^^


Lovely Sis

Monday, September 20, 2010

My fren's brother

Omg.. It's Amazing! pls support!!

This is 1 of my favourite song.. i didnt know when translate to english can be so meaningful!
paise.. he doesnt know korean.. so the korean pronounciation might be a bit funny.. but i think it's cool n acceptable!

enjoy ^^


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Windows Live Writer!

Open-mouthed smileHello everyone!

Wishes from Windows Live Writer ^^ Be right back

I Red heart the latest windows live messenger!

My future posting will be posted through this software.. hehe

This is just a testing post hehe

Thanks for reading Coffee cup



crYstaL Flirt female


Friday, September 10, 2010

Flower Heart Girl

i seriously think that i have a pretty severe sickness...
i tried to organize my memory ... how many guys tat i like b4...

1. 911 : Lee Brennan
(This was before standard 4... before the group dismissed.. wonder what is he doing lately..)

2. Backstreet Boys : Nick Carter
(Since standard 4.. until form 4/5... now i like the group.. but not him anymore..)

3. Talented singer : Wang Lee Hom
(He's too talented.. too handsome to be ignore...)

4. Hong Kong Actor : Lam Feng
(His actiosn in drama.. always make me falls for him.. :| )

5. Hong Kong Actor : Bosco Wong
(This 1.. for a short while.. perhaps less than 2 months ..)

6. Famous Vampire : Robert Pattinson
(He almost sucked all my blood in the twilight movie.. i "was" a big fan of him..)

Lately... i'm totally into Korean Actors and singers! which i dunno why...
one year ago.. i was a big supporter of "anti Korean Entertainment"...
But... Things has changed... in a blink of an eye..
Can you believe me?.. Now i'm unstoppable..

7. Korean Actor : Lee Min Ho
(I'm still in love with him.... omg.. He's always my favorite desktop wallpaper choice >.< )

8. Thai Prince : Nickhun (Korean Group Singer 2pm member)
He's just too cute.. n too gentleman.. if u did watch "we got married" show..

9. CN Blue : Jung Yung Hwa
His voice.. totally make me absorbed into him.. @_@''

The latest member.. in my list..

10. Korean Actor/ Singer : Kim Hyun Jung
(I used to think that he's a bit girlish.. but his latest drama " Mischievous Kiss " has grasp my attention.. )

Can you draw a conclusion for me?? @_@"

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


i went to bed at 1140.. i thought it was a bit too late as i have class tmr 9 in the morning... (i've got to wake up at 7 something)
but now i'm still awake...
not sure it's becoz i'm too hot
or it's becoz i'm not sleepy...

i need to go to bed...
i need to sleep...
어떻게 ㅠ.ㅠ

Friday, September 3, 2010


my sleeping hours :
12.30am - 9 am
2/3pm - 4/5 pm

my 2 roomies just told me :
“拿个笼子把你关进去, 定时喂你吃饭就可以了”

i think... i've been sleeping too much lately la! Oink @_@''