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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

lesson learned

i understand why do ppl say
it's better to live urself than living together with the others..

december 29th 2010

Monday, December 13, 2010

schedule for dec 13 ~ 20

stuffs to do for this week

sit for 2 exams
finalize thesis
hand up thesis
do last project
hand up last project

i'll be done with my life as a student after then!!

Monday, December 6, 2010


there is always, i repeat, ALWAYS, justification for that extra pair of shoes.

guys! i'm going to get my number sixth pair of boots!!

i wonder how am i going to carry a whole cupboard of shoes home later @_@''

Sunday, November 21, 2010

오빠 화이팅 ^^

오늘은 내가 좋아하는 승기 오빠의 콘스트 날이다
내가 오빠의 콘스트를 정말 많이 많이 많이 가고 싶어 해도..
같이 갈 사람이 없어서 갈 수 없게 되었다 ㅠ.ㅠ
오빠.. 콘스트를 잘 하시기 바란다.
안타깝다란 말 대신 오빠에게
내가 여기서 소리를 지르고, 힘을 줄 것이다란 말을 하고 싶다 ^^

오빠 화이팅 !

Monday, November 15, 2010


Nothing lasts forever though we want it to
The road ahead holds different dreams for me and you

Each and every end is always written in the stars
If only I could stop the world
I'd make this last

Sometimes goodbye, so it hurts in your heart,
is the only way for destiny
Sometimes goodbye, so it hurts,
is the only way now for you and me
Though it's the hardest thing to say
I'll miss your love in every way
So say goodbye
But dont you cry

'Cause true love never dies...

Say Goodbye

Batch 85 2005-2010
Thanks for being my frens ^^

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Will you Marry me?

he's so bad.....
he keep repeating in his lyrics...
asking me to marry him~~~ (day dreaming again)
He's like a drug to me now...
Why is he so handsome??
Why is he so cute??
He's just like a prince...
I'm having exam next week... but i cant stop watching his videos...
Someone pls stop me!!
i'm Unstoppable now~~

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

희망을 가져라~

사람은 살면서 절망보다는 희망을 가져야 된다는 말이 있다
희망이 없으면 에너지를 발생할 수 없기 때문이다.

아무리 힘들어도 희망을 가지자! *^^*

Sunday, October 17, 2010

기분이 이상하다

이상한 기분 때문에
오늘 하루 종일 아무것도 못 했다 ㅠ.ㅠ
어떻하지 ...

계속 1박2일를 보면서...
머리속에서 계속 이상한 생각만 하고 있어..
아무 일도 못 하고..
게다가 돈이 없는 바람에 밖에도 못 나가고...

한숨을 쉬기 싫어도 계속 쉬고 있는데 ㅠ.ㅠ

근데 이런 걱정걸이없는 생활이 나쁘지 않더라 ㅋㅋㅋ

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

아쉬운 마음…The feeling of Missing Something


5년 전에 내가 한국에 처음에 왔을때

(5 years ago when i first came to Korea)

슬프다는 생각이 물론이고

(I was sad)

무섭다는 생각도 있었고

(I was scared)

무엇보다도 가족이나 친구를 보고 싶은 생각이 제일 만은 것 같았다.

(Of all things, i missed my friends and family the most)

그때의 난…

(Those days)

김치도 별로이고

(I didn’t like Kimchi at all)

한국말을 전혀 못 했고

(I couldn’t speak Korean language at all)

한국 드라마나 한국 노래 등

(Korean drama, korean songs … etc)

한률에 대한 관심이 전혀 없었다

(I had no interest in Korean Wave at all)

그때의 난…

(Those days)

정말 한국을 싫어했거든

(I really hated Korea very much)

2004년에 한국말을 배우면서 SNU에 다니는 시기였고

(2004, i learned korean language in Seoul National University)

2005년에 제주도 trip을 갔고

(2005 i went to chejudo which is the most beautiful island in Korea)

2006년에 부산이나 경주인가?

(2006 i went to seaside Busan and Historical Gyeongju as well)

2007년에 동양공전에 입학했고

(2007 i was enrolled to DongYang Technical College)

2008년에 졸업을 했고

(2008 i was graduated successfully from DYTC)

2009년에 고대에 편입했고, 3학년 학생이 되었구나…

(2009 i was transferred to Korea University as a 3rd year student )

2010년에 KAL 인턴십

(2010, Korean Airline Internship)

시간이 정말 빨리 지나갔구나…

(Time really flies)

마지막 학기가 시작한지 얼마 안되지만

(Final semester started not long ago)

이제 반 학기만 남아 있는데…

(Now half of the semester has gone)

시간이 이렇게 빨리 자나가는 줄 몰랐다.

(I didn't know that time could have pass so fast)

내 마음…내 생각… 굉장히 복잡해 졌다

(My heart… My feelings… has become very complicated now)



난 김치를 좋아한다

(I do love Kimchi)

한국말도 잘 하고

(I can speak and write fluent Korean)

한률에 대한 영향도 많이 받고 있다

(I’m so into Korean Wave)



난 한국친구를 사귀는 것도 좋아하고

(I love to mis with the Koreans)

거의 반 한국인이 된 난…

(I have almost become a half Korean Girl)

한국을 너무 너무 너무 너무 좋아합니다…

(I really really really really love Korea…)

한국에 정이 들었다는 것 때문인가??

(Is this what we call “感情”?)


시간이 돌릴 수가 있다면… 난 다시 5년 전에 가고 싶다…

(If only we can turn back the time… i wish to go back to 5 years ago)

Monday, October 11, 2010


사랑해요 그댄 이젠 내가 아닌 그대지만
사랑해요 그대 만질 수도 없는 사람이지만
힘들다는 말을 들었죠
슬픈 목소리 볼 순 없었죠
내가 할 수 없는 그대 바램들
그댈 포기하게 하는 애기들
그대 그렇게 힘든가요
기다리기 너무 지루한가요
그대에게 주기로 한 작은 선물은
내 손에 있는데
근댄 이별을 주나요

견딜수 있나요 내가 없는 세상의 하늘을
견딜수 있나요 시린 아침으로 남은 시작을
그대없는 젖은 가슴을 안고
살아야 하는건가요
그대라도 괜찮기를 바래요
그대 아직 나의 사랑이니까
하늘이 보내준 내 사랑을
그 토록 애태워 찾은 사랑을
더는 이해시킬 힘도 참아낼 힘도
남아있지 않아
떠난 그댈 또 보네요
이별에는 서툰 우리였기에
쉽게 헤어질 수 없었던거죠
그랫던 거겠죠
우리 더 많은 시간지나면
이별 할 수 조차 없겠죠
하늘이 보내준 내 사랑을
그토록 애태워 찾은 사랑을
더는 이해시킬 힘도 참아낼힘도
남아있지 않아
떠난 그댈 또~보내요...ご,.~ ㆀ

Saturday, October 2, 2010

happy ending *^^*

I didnt expect "My girlfriend is a nine-tailed fox" has such a good ending... even though i cried till my eyes swollen almost 3/4 of the final episode.. but i was smiling when i was watching the final scene...
i really like it hehe

To those who havent watch it : pls watch it.. it's really a worth watching love story *^^*

대웅이다! 너무 너무 너무 너무 너무 너무 너무 너무 좋아 *^^**^^*

today i went shopping with fy in myeongdong again.. hehe (my favourite shopping place)
guess wat i'm so happy to see lee seung gi's posters and ads all over the street.. he's so famous now... i grab some of his posters n 1 post card for free too.. hehe

now my room has 2 more new posters being sticked on the wall n at the door.. *^^*

happy collection

guess tonight i can smile when i'm sleeping... i can sleep soundly d.. hehe

Friday, October 1, 2010

My girlfriend is a nine-tailed fox

i cant do anything right now... i'm so into this drama...
(my girlfriend is a nine-tailed fox)
the last episode has came out few hours ago... but too bad i've to wait till tmr then oni i can watch the last episode...

the ending of episode 15 : miho reveals that she left oni 1 tail.. she's dying...
pls.. i'm crying so so badly to c this... pls give me a happy ending... pls dont die...

SO bad... it's so tempting... i need to wait 8 hours more then oni can watch the last episode through PPS stream...

to those who has no idea about this drama : It's really worth watching.. even my mom is watching it!!

8 hours >.< .........................................

Monday, September 27, 2010


Hey! i just spare some time to decorate the outlook of my blog~

So what do you think? ^^

Oh yeah..

Happy ROM 2010 to my 2nd brother… keke… ur life sentence certificate dont you forget to do what u’ve promise! ^^


Lovely Sis

Monday, September 20, 2010

My fren's brother

Omg.. It's Amazing! pls support!!

This is 1 of my favourite song.. i didnt know when translate to english can be so meaningful!
paise.. he doesnt know korean.. so the korean pronounciation might be a bit funny.. but i think it's cool n acceptable!

enjoy ^^


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Windows Live Writer!

Open-mouthed smileHello everyone!

Wishes from Windows Live Writer ^^ Be right back

I Red heart the latest windows live messenger!

My future posting will be posted through this software.. hehe

This is just a testing post hehe

Thanks for reading Coffee cup



crYstaL Flirt female


Friday, September 10, 2010

Flower Heart Girl

i seriously think that i have a pretty severe sickness...
i tried to organize my memory ... how many guys tat i like b4...

1. 911 : Lee Brennan
(This was before standard 4... before the group dismissed.. wonder what is he doing lately..)

2. Backstreet Boys : Nick Carter
(Since standard 4.. until form 4/5... now i like the group.. but not him anymore..)

3. Talented singer : Wang Lee Hom
(He's too talented.. too handsome to be ignore...)

4. Hong Kong Actor : Lam Feng
(His actiosn in drama.. always make me falls for him.. :| )

5. Hong Kong Actor : Bosco Wong
(This 1.. for a short while.. perhaps less than 2 months ..)

6. Famous Vampire : Robert Pattinson
(He almost sucked all my blood in the twilight movie.. i "was" a big fan of him..)

Lately... i'm totally into Korean Actors and singers! which i dunno why...
one year ago.. i was a big supporter of "anti Korean Entertainment"...
But... Things has changed... in a blink of an eye..
Can you believe me?.. Now i'm unstoppable..

7. Korean Actor : Lee Min Ho
(I'm still in love with him.... omg.. He's always my favorite desktop wallpaper choice >.< )

8. Thai Prince : Nickhun (Korean Group Singer 2pm member)
He's just too cute.. n too gentleman.. if u did watch "we got married" show..

9. CN Blue : Jung Yung Hwa
His voice.. totally make me absorbed into him.. @_@''

The latest member.. in my list..

10. Korean Actor/ Singer : Kim Hyun Jung
(I used to think that he's a bit girlish.. but his latest drama " Mischievous Kiss " has grasp my attention.. )

Can you draw a conclusion for me?? @_@"

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


i went to bed at 1140.. i thought it was a bit too late as i have class tmr 9 in the morning... (i've got to wake up at 7 something)
but now i'm still awake...
not sure it's becoz i'm too hot
or it's becoz i'm not sleepy...

i need to go to bed...
i need to sleep...
어떻게 ㅠ.ㅠ

Friday, September 3, 2010


my sleeping hours :
12.30am - 9 am
2/3pm - 4/5 pm

my 2 roomies just told me :
“拿个笼子把你关进去, 定时喂你吃饭就可以了”

i think... i've been sleeping too much lately la! Oink @_@''

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Yummy yummy~

Guys! That's something i wanna share here! make sure u bring a tissue with u b4 u start reading... if not ur saliva will drop till everywhere... kaka~
Yesterday we celebrated xin yang's and kuan sian's birthday at a big chinese restaurant.. n it's called "China Factory" located in kondae ipku exit 3 Seoul, South Korea. I'm so excited let's cut down introduction.. and i wanna show u the food tat i've eaten!!!

Here we go~

A view of the cup tat i've used to drink chinese wulong tea and jasmine tea~

wondering wat are these?? make a guess!

cute little tortoise.. its in my stomach swimming now ^^ yummy~

Chinese dim sum~ my favourite siu mai !

look at our "wai sek" face~ can't wait to eat.. muahaha

not forgetting the delicious shanghai vege!

various kind of pao dim sum and special shanghai vege~ from the dessert bar~

These are only free food from the dessert bar~ haha... here comes the side dishes!

1st side dish : chicken salad~ not only the look.. the taste was very nice too ^^

2nd side dish : dunno wat's the name.. prawn vermicelli?? anyway the taste was a bit spicy ><

3rd : honey mayonnaise prawn! yummy~

4th: some kind of cheese popiah.. this was really yummy wakaka

5th : Naan~ eventhough it's not indian style.. but it taste good too!

6th: beef steak~ aww.. i miss it so much...i think it was 70% cooked :p

1st main dish: 糖醋鱼 .. wah really big le!!! u can c those guys... need 2 ppl to carry the plate!!

7th side dish : honey lemon chicken~ a bit different from malaysian style ~

8th : i dunno wat's the name for this.. it has chicken above the korean rice biscuits.. it taste not bad.. but i dont really like it.. hehe

9th : stewed tauhu.. "but the tauhu like too much of flour la" <- my opinion

2nd main dish: the 1 tat i like the most.. beijing roasted duck!! eat with the popiah skin... so so so so so so nice! 5 stars wei!!!

3rd main dish: abalone sea food! wow! this 1 really taste perfect!! xy had the abalone anyway :) it was his birthday ma hehe~

10th side dish: Singaporean style fried meehoon 新洲炒米.. keke.. this 1 reminds me of Malaysia :p

11th : dunno wat style fried hor fun.. haha a bit like vietnamese..

actually.. altogether we had 18side dishes... 3 main dishes.. and various kind of food from the dessert bar... however.. due to those hungry little monsters who sat together with me... who were so eager to eat the food... i failed to take the other 7 side dishes pic.. as they ate it before i sempat to take the pic >.<

let's skip to the dessert bar~

a view of the dessert bar ^^

and a view of the dim sum^^ free to take.. as many as u want ~

chinese 春卷

of coz.. dessert must have fruits.. they have jelly, lai chee, honey dew,, water melon, pineapple.. apple.. and etc~~~

my cafe latte~ phew~

and a cup of ice cream~ yummy! :D

also.. we have a birthday cake celebration with our bithday boy!~

a view of the restaurant

All together we spent around 80 to 90 ringgit per person to test 21 delicious dishes.. cheap huh?^^ i'm sorry for missing the other 7 side dishes.. coz act i was a bit slow.. couldn't manage to eat and take pics at the same time.. hehe~ i promise whoever wanna eat.. come to korea and find me i'll bring u there.. ^^