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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

everything's new to me..

shifted to new hse.. new room.. new roomies..new environment..
entered new uni.. gonna starts my new life.. n meet wif new group of frens..
am i ready for all this changes?
i was super bz for the past few days.. over the courses registration..
i've a pack schedule for this sem.. eventhough i oni registered for 17 credits @@
n now i'm bz over wif the transfer credits list..
started to feel scare.. n to be honest..due to my poor sense of directions..
i still dont really recognise all the directions here.. the uni is too big... to be recognise anyway..
luckily.. i still know the direction to walk to the 공학관.. phew.. hope everything's gonna b fine to me..

feeling confuse n blur over my career.. did i pick the wrong path for myself?
there's no turning b.. all i can tell myself is to be brave enough and finish the road ...

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AemC said...

17 is alot already la..
jiayou2 힘내..let's conquer KU together 아자아자~~