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Thursday, November 1, 2007




hehe ^^

tried my very best d... but still this time.. made careless mistakes again.. but at least i performed better than last time lo.. >.<.. nvm la.. hehe.. time to cheer..~~ coz EXAMS r over! :P but stress is still around.. results.. .. sobz.. ! let's forget abt it :D

few weeks ago edi i started to imagine... if oni if oni today is wednesday~ muahaha.. ya.. now it really is.. ^^ with no BOOKS..no study.. can do watever things tat i want... dota! movies~ games~ chatting.. hehe... n of coz.. enjoy my bsb's new album :p ar.. talking abt this.. something i can't accept it.. i just found it out today.. which i myself oso can't accept it.. how come now oni i knew abt this.. well.. i really can't believe it.. n i feel dissapointed over with it oso... mayb it's better for me not to know tat.. >.<


notice rite! it's nick n paris... y y y y y! 10000* Y!

ish.. i can't believe it.. paris was nick's EX-GF!.. for the past 8 months~! ..i hah..... how come i dunno abt it.. among so many girls.. y is it.. her... i meant.. i dont mind he go n date someone else.. but not PARIS..! k luckily.. she's his EX ~ now.. but still.. i can't accept it lo.. if u tell me his ex was Britney.. i think i'll feel better.. much much more better~.. >.<... geli la.. don wanna look at tat pic anymore..not matching at all!.. sobz..

well i'm a big bsb fan~ but then not to say tat nick is 100% good.. but for once.. i really like him.. until a level which i dunno how to describe.. (not nw anymore).. hehe.. nvm.. BSB will always be the best in my heart ^^

currently i'm thinking wat to cook for tmr's lunch.. n dinner.. haha have plenty of time in the morning .. as i plan to ponteng my programming class :P~.. meaning my class will oni starts at 3.. i can wake up at 1pm then oni do my cooking.. watch dramas.. yes! that's my routine of life! kaka... going to shop shop n shop during this weekend :D spend money.. n enjoy being a girl~ by doing usual stuffs tat girls will do.. muahaha ^^

gdnitez~ tata


jay said...

haha.. u seem to b very happy about ur exams being over.. good2.. this is how it shld be, no stress, no tension.. jz smile on the face.. keep it up.. no more stress... enjoy ur coming days happily.. take carez.. stay happy alwys..

Jëff @...............@ said...

haha...enjoy...enjoy ur good time lo..can dota,watch movie, shopping and so on...dun think about the past lar...let it be...haha...great to hear u that u are happy...kaka...:P good nite ^^ and have a sweet sweetdreams ya...

AemC said...

why??anything with that girl??(named Paris huh??)..그 동안 고생 많았다..treat urself better ya^^

crystal said...

re aemc: tat girl is paris hilton la~ porn star! ... ai..

生番薯 said...

oops....i long time din behave like a girl d...i long time no go shop d...