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Monday, November 19, 2007

It's winter...

early morning.. i hide myself in my ibul.. was having a hard time.. can't get up from my bed..
it's so cold.. cold n cold... wat a best time to hibernate.. sometimes i really wish tat.. i'm a bear..
eat n sleep.. hibernate... n wake up when the winter ends.. ^^ eventhough it's a bit meaningless.. but to me.. it's still the best.. without exams .. stressful of daily routine life..

today i wear thick thick.. hehe like a ball ball to school... kinda regret to take along my file.. as my hand was freezed till no perasaan.. hehe.. tmr better put my file at home~.. ar.. i'm thinking of wearing a skirt with my boots tomoro.. shall i?.. ^^

참.. 교수님이 6점을 더 주셨다.. 제 물리 점수는 75점까지 올라갔다..ㅋㅋ 기쁘네.. 근데.. 요새 내 주변에 있는 사람들이 다 장학금을 위하여 공부하고 있는 것 같애.. 왜이러지? 나.. 좀 이상하다는 생각이 들었네.. 나 장학금 생각을 전혀 없거든.. 다른 사람들이랑 비교하면 내가 좀 약해서 그런가? 아무튼.. 할 수 있을 만큼만 하면 되지 뭐..^^

having maths exam again on wed..~ scare scare... mayb i'm a bit slow in maths compare to the others.. n there's a lot formulas which i'm trying my very best to memorise... but still i can easily forget.. sobz.. crossing my fingers.. god pls gimme all ur luck.. just make sure that i dont make stupid careless mistakes then can d.. if not really 아깝다~..

왠지..요새 나.. 한 나쁜 생각이 들었다.. 그렇게 하면 안된다는 거를 분명히 알고 있어도.. 계속 생각 하고 있거든.. 이상해.. *slap~ 일어나.. 바보야..(sh는 항상 나에게 이런 말을 해 주거든).. ouch pain..

annual dinner it's over.. ^^ as i promise i'll upload some photos here..

(my batch has a lot of pretty girls rite? i like viona's blue dress.. it looks very sweet )

(our performance.. fy did a very great job for tat nite)

(all my frens~ ^^ teck sheng looks like a bit high.. haha happy to c the cheerful ts^^)

well.. that was the oni nite for us to dress up nicely.. with all the make ups.. high heels.. hehe. i think most of the us spent quite a lot effort on our dress .. shoes n all tat... thanks to kak long.. for bersolek for us hehe.. (act the guy did spend quite a lot oso , sh told me his shirt cost 3 keping~ huhu..)

k la have to study nicely d .. fighting every1.. n happy birthday to ajay ^^.. n goodluck to all my frens who r going to get their physics marks today~


AemC said...

haha don't always look down at urself..did admit that I so sad and down only b'coz of can't get $$:P..realistic mah..no matter what's the thing that u shouldn't do but keep doing is, the kind of thought is not bad, but some kinda enjoy act^^haha

MP said...

그 나쁜 생각이 뭐지?
그래 돈이 중요해서 그래:P 이런 생각이 맞는지 틀린지 모르지만...
수학시험을 위해 화이팅!이번에 꼭 잘 해야지

jay said...

erm.. if u think u can do it.. then u surely can.. dont hv to worry abt the ppl around u... u jz have confidence in urself.. dont hv to think so much.. especially negative thoughts.. throw it away.. think positive.. u can do it!!.. since v r alredi here.. in a foreign land.. money seems to b kinda important aso... so i think studying and making money is also a good way to earn money other than doing 알바.. but money is not everything.. if hv so suffer so much for money.. then no use.. jz do ur best.. the main thing is do ur best.. and b happy wif ur results.. then oni comes 장학금.. so no worries k.. hehe.. all the best in ur maths exam.. 화이팅!! last but not least.. thanks for your wish..

生番薯 said...

wah...i like dinner too...can spend money on dress,shoes,hair,make up for a solid reason!!!