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Monday, November 12, 2007


光良's new songs r very nice.. after his famous "fairytale" album.. now he has come out with another new album it's called "不会分离".. who want his songs.. can get from me..

Sometimes it's better to keep quiet...
n quiet...
when u're not sure abt something.. then u keep quiet..
when u're not good in something.. then u shut ur mouth..
when u're dunno abt something.. then u just remain silent..dont pretend as if u do know..
think b4 u voice out anything..
u know.. i know.. everybody knows..
Sometimes IT'S really better to keep quiet zip ur mouth n just stand by aside..
say is easy.. but action is hard..

when u're too excited..
when u're too scare..
or when u're too sad... ..
u might say out something.. accidentally.. out of ur control..

n u'll hurt someone.. unknowingly

feeling tired.. wasting my time everyday.. lots of activities lately.. parties.. games.. this n that..
i think i didnt really sit properly infront of my table n face the books
got bac my 전자회로 paper.. it was totally a failure.. i scored 65/100.. the highest is fy (she got 75).. i didn blame the teacher.. n i didnt blame myself oso.. coz.. to me.. the teacher really can teaches well.. n i myself.. i did put lots of efforts in this subject.. the oni thing i can blame..
is the book... with no answers for all the questions ... n lots of mistakes..
i did all the questions inside the book.. just tat i dunno tat the way i did is correct or wrong.. so i did discuss the answers with a few frens of mine.. n they're 2 questions came out exactly the same... n i got all wrong... sigh.. tot of giving up this subject.. since teacher said.. 절대평가.. n to those below 80 marks.. u dont even have to think of getting an A for this subject.. shall i?

act.. there's another paper.. which i dont dare to take b my paper.. n i'm praying hard.. pls.. teacher dont gimme bac the paper.. i'm really scare i'll face the same situation like now.. the feeling of giving up... mayb it's better not to know the results.. as i'll work hard for the final..

it's 1.51am now.. 1 hour n 51 mins ago.. it's still "pepero day" in korea.. thanks for the peperos.. ^^ 맛있게 먹을게..

class at 10 tomoro.. have to face my 오빠 again.. sometimes i am really wondering.. y my luck so sui.. same team with him.. with a lazy .. heavy smoker.. 오빠.. i am the 1 who is doing all the experiments since last sem until now.. ~..

better sleep now.. or else i'll get emo again... >.< nitez..


AemC said...

haha have a sweet dream with peperos lah..u got it^^and don't think about exam dee..I also let go dee:P..u worked really hard dee..u having tremendous fighting spirit and don't lose it..and the theory of 'being quiet':)

jay said...

happy belated pepero day... dont worry abt exam la..over d.. jz work hard for the finals.. if u didnt do well once.. doesnt mean u cant do well overall.. jz work hard for the finals.. sure u can do well.. dont 포기 so fast... as ppl say.. u dont lose if u fall down.. but u oni lose if u fall and dont get up... so dont give up yet.. all the best.. i'm sure u can do well.. tc

Jëff @...............@ said...

good luck & bad luck will always occur in our lives de...jus when u facing problem...dun give up...try harder to overcome it...u may learn something once u falling down...fight it back...(trust u can do it)...overcome it...bad luck will go away de...^^

生番薯 said...

alah...dun sad because of someone got higher marks than u...ask urself...have u tried ur best??If the answer is yes...then is enough...no need be emo...no one is perfect...u might get A- in ur academic but u sure get A+ in ur mom heart