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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

save me pls !!

i've been very bz lately...
busy over what?
soldering.. study... unfinished homework... dramas... etc etc etc...
i'm a bit emo today.. boh syok wif someone... but nvm let's forget about it ^^ !
tmr maths paper will b getting b our maths paper..
PLS .. god help me pls...
i'm just asking for a pass...
out of 5 i oni manage to answer 1... n for sure 2 question i wrong totally... sigh..
i did study hard for it.. seriously @.@ i'm really worry.. for a few days after i wake up early in the morning.. i'll think abt it automatically.. sigh..
microprocessor still... i finished pateri.. but.. it's not working @.@!!
final year project... finally it works.. but still have to do the 외모..
i've been very bz lately.. until dota oso no time to play!
so pls dont spam facebook notice anymore!
my mail box full of facebook notices..
special thanks to Lionel, MC, Adrian, Soo, Add .. n etc!!

5 more weeks to go...
i miss u guys... i want go home :'( !!

i'm going to meet the dentist this friday.. cabut gigi @@ wisdom tooth ... after tat i gonna eat porridge for 1 whole week.. sigh.. oh ya! annual dinner has just over ^^ grr i cut my hair.. wanted to trim.. but now it looks shorter again .. sad...

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