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Sunday, July 6, 2008


woohoo.. i'm b again.. hehe the ME :P.. well i got something to blog abt today..
went to meet a korean fren that i met in taiwan today.. n she introduce me to a place called COSTCO department store... (it's something like makro in msia)
i'm not interested in blogging abt wat the department store is selling abt.. wat i'm interested is their pizza shop~~ ! woohooo... guys dont miss it! it's really nice !!

i forgot to snap the pic b4 i ate the pizza.. sorrry~ but anyway.. i manage to dl some pics from the internet hehe..! :P

look at this.. a pan of pizza.. is like tat...

n... a slice of pizza.. is bigger than the plate.. bigger than my face le!!! wakaka..

imagine.. 1 slice is enough to fill up my stomach... lol? dont miss it.. n its cheap... 1 slice is 2500 won (imagine ppl selling 1 2 slice... lol) while 1 whole pan of pizza is oni 12500 won! where to find? OMG! OMG! really excited abt this.. heeeee

where is it located?... around 영등포 area got 1 i heard la.. n another 1 that i went is around kintex.. hehe guys.. try it~~

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AemC said...

haha 영등포 there got one??after this u start working there, do dabao for me to try:P..wakaka