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Thursday, October 18, 2007

exam !!!

huh.. gonna sit for 7 PAPERS next week~n... another 2 more.. for NEXT next week~ >.< .. ai.. which 1 should i study 1st??? how i wish.. if exam does not exist in this world.. >.< .. wish me good luck >.< .. tired~~ i wanna play.. i wanna eat.. hehe..

well.. luckily my schedule is quite nice hehe.. monday tough tough semiconductor~ argh.. i hate exams >.<.. guess no one likes it rite?

mp said.. still got time~ how come.. i feel like.. time is not enuf for me.. guess mayb i'm not smart enuf like them.. n that's y.. i needa work harder n harder.. much much more harder.. n i just dunno y.. i like to make things complicated.. lol.. can't study much today.. mayb my mind is over functioned today d.. (after the maths class).. kinda boring for me.. n i dont understand wat the teacher is talking abt oso~ MATRICES! i think i spent 100% energy to catch wat's the teacher is trying to say.. but i think oni 50% successfully being absorbed into my mind..lol my mind is superbly tired now.. >.< didnt study much today.. oni a chapter of 전자장 with a few pages of 디공 .. but at least.. i finished my report hehe ^^

after the maths class.. i felt stressed n tired.. (really 1) luckily.. mc sent me BSB new songs.. (*i'm not supporting pirate hia..i'll buy the ori cd straight away after my exam! i promise~ i swear ^^).. ! really nice le.. there's 1 song call .. helpless when she smiles.. huh. there's oni 1 word i can use to describe bsb.. "赞".. ^^ u guys will always be my idol ~ hehe

backstreets forever~


AemC said...

wah geng can study one chapter with only one night..salute^^yea I wish desperately that there're 48 hours per day..anyway let's have 'rush hour':P..gambate~~not blaming me liao??kaka

生番薯 said...

juz study wat u can and go inside sit for exam.do ur best can d...dun compare with others lo...then u wont be so stress

jay said...

its good to compete.. but not good to compare.. u compete wif ur frens.. dont hv to compare.. u jz try ur best.. do exams nicely.. dont hv to stress2.. hv confidence in urself..den everything will b fine.. the main thing is do ur best!!.. GOOD LUCK!!

Jëff @...............@ said...

haha...take it easy...dun make things complicated...jus try ur best...pray hard for u in ur exam lol...

Jëff @...............@ said...

hehe...actually can see ur improvement jor...not so stress d...so happy to see that...keep it up...fighting...^^