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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

me..--> Princess??

Lately i've been staying up till quite late.. hehe dunno y.. mayb edi used to the life here.. :P bad habit hor~ ^^ mama dont scold me~~ hehe i enjoy blogging during nite time.. especially now~ hehe quiet quiet with all the lights off.. enjoying music.. feeling so relax.. :D

guess i needa cut down my food lo.. i've been eating supper almost everyday.. wah.. i can c my tummy.. i'm growing weight.. sobz.. needa ctrl d.. if not sure i'll complain later.. better start ctrling now haha.. scare later my good good roomie can't tahan~ :p

hmm today i wanna blog abt something which i myself find that it's quite funny la~ the story started like this
while i was on the way to class this afternoon (i was walking together with a group of frens), adrian suddenly called me..Princess in Japanese.(paiseh i forgot d how it called in japanese).. i got a shocked.. i admit i used to call myself princess but i dont think i really act like a princess.. lol.. then ry continue with this idea..she said something like this

"among our batch girls.. they're oni 2 person i can think of to become the princess.. 1 is VIONA n the other 1 is U".. lol.. next for sure i'll ask her the reason why... ???? (seriously a lot question marks popped up my mind by tat time, viona i think every1 surely will agree , as she's really feminine.. but NOT me..) then she n fy continue like this
"dunno la.. both of u giving me different kind of feelings.. viona is like more feminine.. girly.. but u.. mayb becoz u got 3 bros.. the way they treat u.. the things u like.. pinky pinky.. the way u dress n talk.. the way u act.. dunno how to say.. but got that kind of feeling.. compare to viona u got the aura to become the princess" .. lol~~~~
alrite.. after listening tat.. i feeling better a bit la.. at least that's not a negative comment :P.. (not a positive 1 either.. =.='') but at least.. i'm not the TOO princess type la.. eee geli la.. i dowan to become that type of girls~~

then i came home n i told my roomie abt this.. asked her opinions.. she laughed.. n she told me this
"i know the difference between u 2 d.. viona is like .. the western style princess.. c she's like 高高在上 ppl hardly can approach her.. but u're like the asian style 公主 walking 亲民路线... lol.."
swt!! haha.. k la mayb i'm really too frenly~ she said it's not a bad point oso as that's me in my own style~ lol
funny hor.. till now.. i'm still thinking.. since when it started..i edi give ppl an image that i'm a PRINCESS.. lol.. infact i think i myself.. hmm.. mayb la manja manja style like those chinadolls.. 刁蛮格格 lol.. act i'm not tat over rite~ haha..
funny :p i'm still thinking abt this ~ lol..

p/s : oh yeah~ 1 more thing today we chatted over something abt first date rite? hmm i said something abt first date going to the zoo with ur love ones.. wat's so teruk le.. how come all of them oso showed me a very shocked face.. i find it very romantic.. cheap n economic..~ a special 1 somemore.. (most of the ppl will go for a movie rite for their 1st date).. how memorable if we spend at the zoo fooling around with animals... hehe so special~ hmm just dont get it~ dai lou.. i prefer zoo but not 박물관 ..! :p if my bf take me to the museum (dont care 1st , 2nd or 3rd date or watever.. ) can tell u 1 thing is for sure.. that is.. i'll kill him~


AemC said...

hmm what to say ler??'刁蛮格格' guess this is the most suitable phrase for u^^a princess who always stay up late..u got no right to say that to me dee..btw today Princess' day gak:P

Jëff @...............@ said...

princess??kaka...i sometimes agree also...dunno y..the way u act...the stuffs u did...surely will attract people attention....maybe the style ba...haha...but..u urself dun think so much...princess??haha...:P

Jëff @...............@ said...

zoo or museum... i will choose to zoo also ...haha...if i am not mistaken...i still owe u something ....:P

jay said...

so... some1 updated their blog aso tonite... said dowan update.. keh keh keh.. so.. today's topic abt princess.. wat shall i say.. yiwen.. princess?? erm.. 글쎄.. or shall it b the other way round princess.. yiwen? i think the 2nd 1 kot.. i feel, u are a very nice person.. there's something in u dat makes u special.. like a princess lo.. mayb dats why ppl all said so.. dunno.. hv to ask them n c.. haha.. for me, ....... u know d.. no nit for me to tell somemore.. hehe

jay said...

hahaha.. museum.. wat to c there?? kah kah kah

生番薯 said...

wah...u n ur bro same mind...zoo for first date??quite romantic if u wont sweat and need to squeeze inside public bus and spend evening with smelly animals..haha