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Sunday, October 14, 2007

i'm back^^ (long post)

i'm b~ few days didnt update d^^ well 1st of all wanna wish all my malay frens.. "Selamat Hari Raya~ " aku pon nak duit raya~~ hehe new year hoh.. no more ramadhan.. must eat lots lots.. hehe

well.. how should i start this time.. yesterday.. as usual i went for my 디공 class n to face the teacher whom i dislike the most.. n as usual again his class is super short.. the "short" break is not really that short.. but i was lost for words yesterday.. he argued with us over something abt RC 시정수.. abt wat is RC 시정수 this n tat .. hmm have to admit la my 한국말 not power enuf.. at 1st i dont get wat he meant n he oso can't get wat i was trying to say haha.. but then the funniest part was till the end.. i dunno how it ended.. as usual we won~~ n he said the same thing "난 다 알아. 그냥 네들 공부한 것을 설명할 수 있느냐 보는 거야" ... *sweat ai... no point blogging abt him.. ~~*교수님.. 새로운 문장을 만드세요..

then in afternoon.. hehe the whole 전자과 students we went to kintex which is located 1 hour plus journey from here.. (kinda far, dont ask me it's located at whre.. i dont remember a single thing at all haha..).. oh yeah b4 tat.. hehe i got my new table lamp yesterday^^! yay^^ hehe.. i tot it suppose to be black in colour.. sobz.. who knows.. it's not.. but then nvm la.. still very nice.. k b to the kintex topic.. we were compulsory to go for the electronics exhibition .. needa write report(my class lecturer welcomed us with a small piece of assignment paper >.<>

(ruying n teck sheng posing infront of the entrance)

well.. sad to say.. most of the pihotos are gone as azrul has lost his camera ( he put his cam ontop of the table while he was surfing the internet.. n he forgot to take it) ai.. nvm ^^

luckily still have some here with me hehe

my classmates were bending down filling in a form (like small kids hor) haha.. u can c mp's 3/4 body n adrian's side face here hehe..

kinda funny this pic.. they looked so.. hmm.. wat do u guys think? haha

n in the end the naughty naughty me..

can't tahan with this cute scene...

so i walked infront.. n kacau them hehe ..

(우리 아기야.... guai guai..) haha cute hor 영표 said (왠지.. 나 너의 애완동물초럼 보이었어..) haha... :P .. i just wanna kacau ppl oni hehe..

then we went inside..walked around.. hmm sad to say dongyang's corner really very small.. this exhibition mostly is like.. let those big big famouse company like LG , samsung .. all that to promote their products..

among all the products that exhibited i was impressed by an electronic dog.. which is design by our dongyang's student.. hehe the dog is really cute.. he knows how to 인사 knows how to manja.. know how to lie down.. lazy lazy .. hehe a lot.. knows how to dance oso.. so cute..

cute hor.. hehe well the outlook is not at perfect la.. but it's really functionable.. wah.. geng.. imagine oni 2 years studying.. they can create products like this.. really geng..

other than this electronic dog.. mostly they exhibit robotics stuffs.. auto vacum (using sensor).. rubbish collector..oil separator.. hmm air conditioner.. quite a lot then there's oso 1 auto food serving (something diff from those u c at sushi bar) as this 1 is all computerlized.. customer order through net.. then sit down wait for the food.. the food will automatically stop at ur place.. lol..

(the rubbish collector * note there's a cam to sense the black line.. we dont need to ctrl it.. it can move by itself)

guess wat's this..?

it's a speaker.. amplifier~~

cute rite?? like lego set..

i like it so much...

hehe wel really have to say that

it's very creative ^^

i shot lots of photos.. but too bad i can't post them all here.. if not this really gonna be a super looong post.. hehe gonna say tat.. overall this trip is quite enjoyable.. hehe coz everything seems so new to me ^^ kampung girl hor?

then nite time.. me mp n CK 3 of us.. went to watch rush hour around 12.. haha.. geng hor~ ! i oso salute myself.. n i enjoyed that movie.. it was so funny... especially the nun n the french scene~ haha.. ^^ jackie chan is really getting old .. but still he is great .. nice movie..to those who havent watch yet.. faster go watch ya~

after the movie.. i still managed to play dota 1 game till 3 plus :P geng hor? i slept around 4 but i got up at 9 this morning.. coz needa go embassy to eat~ RAYA ma.. hehe got celebration sure got free food~ ^^ ate till penuh penuh... this afternoon..

too bad i didnt join the fireworks.. at 여의도 tonite.. well.. mayb i too lepak d.. gonna study (act i'm stressed >.<) but then getting better n better .. thanks for all the concerns .. i'm ok d! hehe wont rely on the coffee so much ..^^ getting better now~ trying to stop myself from coffee as i'm drinking it for almost everyday (except weekends) cham hor.. raya's photos i'll post up later .. gonna collect all the photos 1st.. hehe btw.. so glad to meet all the juniors n seniors 진짜 오랜만이네.. hehe

last words for this post

"슬라맏 하리 라야~~^ ! selamat hari raya~ n happy holiday in msia! ^_____^


AemC said...

deng!!not fair..why that day u all went got so many new stuffs one!!why keep 'geng hor','geng hor'??haha..RC 시정수..I digging my brain to figure out what it's for few weeks dee..SOS~~btw glad to hear that u getting better^^

Jëff @...............@ said...

hehe...such a good opportunity can go to electronics exhibition...those people really geng...create so many electronic products...

happy to hear that u getting better...haha...reduce ur coffee drinking larr!!!(weekday) :P

jay said...

good to hear u are enjoying life.. keep it on... smile2.. ^_-

生番薯 said...

wah...all the robot like very geng!!!Korea really high tech than msia

S said...

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나 꼬맹이아니야 ㅠ ㅠ 놀리지마
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