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Monday, October 15, 2007

perhaps.. we should stop.. look.. then oni go..

stop.. n look around the ppl beside u.. look around the stuffs that is happening .. then oni u start action..start moving..

we give n we take.. but most of the time..
we take lesser than wat we give..
we hope n we wait.. hoping for miracles..waiting for the day..
n perhaps.. that day will never come..

wat u c might not be wat u think..
underneath our clothes.. behind our smiling faces..
there's always something tat no one will ever know..

i stop.. not becoz i'm afraid..
i stop.. it's becoz..
i wanna prepare myself..
to walk further for the path of my life..
every1 needs a rest ..
some needs a short 1 while some needs a longer 1..

stress? yup.. i do have.. but someone told me..
everyone has their own stress..
some will show it.. n some will hide it..
it depends on how u handle it..
if it's in a proper way.. then it's a good stress.. a good force for u to move ahead..

once u fall down.. it's hard to climb up.. but yet.. we have to..
think positively.. take a deep breath..
if i have to live up for 70s..
means i oni have another 50 years to go ahead..(life is short huh)
stop thinking the past..
think how u wanna spend the other 50 years ahead..
wat we're facing now..
it's just a small challenge..
a small test for us to go through..
this world is beautiful~
cheer up.. all my frens.. let's be strong

Selamat Hari Raya~ batch 85


AemC said...

wah like a different kinda 'philosopher' with deep deep words^^ who made u so 感触良多 one??ya everyone got stress, and the only to counter is to rest, to pamper themselves..keep it on:P

jt said...

may be u r right
stop awhile have a look
learn from mistake that u hv done
n make sure dont do the same mistake again
change ur mind n beleives so that can adapt to the real world
stay strong at outside n in within
fight anything that is blocking ur way

Jëff @...............@ said...

good post...:)cheer up ya...hope u can achive wat u said...fight for ur future...
i also will try wat u said...haha...stop and look then only go....