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Monday, October 1, 2007

a frog under the well..

hehe kinda stupid.. i used paint to edit this pic~ ^^ cute rite? hehe
season is changing.. a lot of sick ppl around me nowadays.. me, mp, ki... even ah kien oso telling me she's sick.. sorry i think i'm the 1st 1 who started to spread this virus 1.. to those who r sick now..get well soon yeah~

mp edi oioi.. but i got no class for tmr.. that's y i'm still here online-ing :D .. seriously i really feeling stress over my studies.. over the ppl around me.. i tried my best to concentrate, to understand all the formulas.. but still.. i dont get it.. they know me but i dunno any of them.. frens around me.. everyday studying.. some even uninstalled dota.. argh.. i need some fresh air.. sobz..


jay said...

erm.. yiwen spreading virus :P.. hehe.. no la.. the season is like dat... easy to get sick.. u aso, jz oni recover.. dont too happy.. mz take care of urself stil.. eat on time.. and make sure u eat.. abt ur studies.. i was in ur shoes a year ago.. dont worry.. slowly.. everything will get clear.. dont give up.. 화이팅!!.. u can do it! if u nit some help in maths, i might b able to help (eventhough i aso not dat keng:P).. dnt worry.. smile2 alwys..

Jëff @...............@ said...

nothing is impossible...jus try ur best..dun giv urself so much pressure..although i know is hard...cheer up...^^

生番薯 said...

get used to the tension lo...still got few yrs to tahan...