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Sunday, September 30, 2007


y do Questions tat i dont like to face , dont like to answers.. always come to me.. dont dare to voice out.. so i'm writting it here..

Cold blooded? Am i? i don think i am.. 善意的大话 알어? sometimes when ppl dont say it..doesnt mean tat he/she dont care abt it.. sometimes what u c is not wat u get.. what u listen is not wat u think.. there's always something behind it.. dont get wat i mean? the truth is not always so easy to be seen... i'm not pretending.. i'm not wondering... dont u so fast put a dot k?

sigh.. i feel so sorry to someone suddenly.. SORRY.. it's my mistake.. my fault for not being considerate.. i really never thought of it.. n i did not do tat on purpose.. sorry.. my mistake! my bad!

grr.. k stop being emo.. not worthy to feel emo for something which it's over! hehe.. wanna say thanks to rawpotato.. thanks for giving me the award hehe
kinda cute it's a smile award.. (did i make u smile~? )

a smile to make the world brighter ! so sweet~ hehe everybody let's cheer up together! :D kinda stress this few days .. i oso need a smile... =.= struggling in my studies.. can't cope with it.. tried my very best to listen attentively inside the class.. but ntg masuk.. especially semiconductor.. argh.. dont care d.. ^^ exam time oni study... ! no worries..as tmr will be another better day~ cheers~

to those who has no reason to smile.. k here i give u 1 .. Smile.. becoz monday i got no class :D! smile for me~ ^^ too bad (sat got replacement class :'(.. friday maths test! --> :) dont care la)..


AemC said...

wah the first part so deep..and u like always feel sorry to someone ler hehe..if smile can make ppl struggle less I'll smile every second^^

生番薯 said...

first part really hard to understand...sometimes girl will be emo...me too...and the bad thing all happen to ur bro..haha

jay said...

erm... cold blooded?? you?? no.. never.. i dnt think so.. not at all.. u r a very nice person.. well, in tis world, u cant make every1 happy.. u cant satisfy every1.. jz do watever u think is correct.. erm, kinda twisted words the 1st part... anyways, dont worry, dnt b emo.. smile2 alwys.. abt studies, dnt worry la.. dont stress to much, will b fine.. i think u got a very helpful roommate there.. and i also think u got a very caring fren somewhere out there.. smile2 ^_-

crystal said...

the 1st part oni that person will understand.. but tat person doesnt know the existence of this blog haha ^^

Jëff @...............@ said...

cheer up ya...dont be stress..jus try ur best...