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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

my handsome looking plant!

good news! here i announce this to u!

BSB new album going to release on the Oct 3oth.. can't wait for it..
aww.. yesterday oni i came to know abt this... backstreets back!.. i'm a big fan of them since standard 4.. they were .. n they r ... n they will be... my idol forever~ luv u guys so much!
how i wish if i can... i wanna do this... on the 30th of oct..

my schedule for that day(30th of oct 2007)

early morning wake up..
brush my teeth n wash my face..

change my clothes... n..
take a subway...

rush to the music store..
be the 1st to buy their new album ! UNBREAKABLE!..

u guys really rocks! ^^

but i know it can't be fulfill.. it'll be a dream tat never come true.. coz..

it's a TUESDAY..! i got class! till nite.. 8 pm! sobz!.. how to go!!!

argh!!!!!! gonna wait till weekend!.. ! ;'(... sobz sobz sobz.... it's really killing me ..

mayb most of u guys.. dont like them.. but to me.. they're always my favourite... the past.. the present.. n the future.. they'll always be!... ~

the 2nd good news...

my plant is growing hair!!.. so so fast... oni 7 days!...

my handsome spiky hair look plant ^^

cute rite? so so handsome.. so so cute.. ^^ thanks to my big bro.. he bought for me in cameron~it's a wheat grass plant.. this is a guy.. there's another 1.. it's a gal.. but i think.. mayb she's a bit too fat needa absorb more water.. :p.. that's y till now still no hair is growing.. wanna take a look at my fatty cute gal plant? a min.. i go shoot the photo now hehe ..

ok here's the pic


hmm mayb some diet will give her some help? lol ^^

hehe.. it's very easy to take care of this wheat grass plant.. all u need to do is to provide them water...(let them sit inside the water) put it inside a cool room like mine (got air con).. then that's it... wait for the hair to grow! .. keke

wondering.. when will the gal starts to grow her hair.. then i can put 2 together n snap a photo.. so nice.. like a couple ^^.. loving .. ~ so happy to look at it...

hehe.. looks like i really very easy to get happy hor.. just 2 small plants... dunno how to describe my feelings now.. act ppl say i'm outgoing.. but act.. i think those who know me well.. they'll know wat a person i am.. the quiet.. the simple.. the real me.. ~ so easy to get satisfy..hehe ..

tmr gonna have 6 hours of class... fighting lo... kinda scare with the japanese class.. really got lots to memorise le.. just now i did.. memorise 15 alphabets.. more to go..... ! ~

oh yeah there's 1 song i wanna intro to u all.. it's called " sorry for the stupid things" by babyface.. the lyrics is so simple yet so meaningful.. very nice.. must dl yeah.. ! i got the song those who really 1 can get from me !


AemC said...

haha my class only till 12 for Tuesday:P..u r fast to have 15 alphabets memorized d..

Jëff @...............@ said...

really cute le...haha..these two plants ...remeber lo...u have the responsilibity to take good care of them..haha...

weiqi said...

the plants are sooo cutie la...remember to water them always ooo..trim the boy boy's hair also..keep him cute cute n yao ying =)

生番薯 said...

BSB...haha...i love them too...but where is kelvin??
i like the guy plant...the gul one not so cute

hao said...

Yours can grow wor, last time I bought just to try, nvr succeed once :(

crystal said...

aemc: cham la.. altogether go 90s to memorise.. sobz
jeff n weiqi: sure i'll.. next time i'll shoot photos again.. :p
生番薯: erm.. check thru the net.. kelvin will be missing for this sixth album.. so sad..
hao: hehe u need to put it inside a cool room.. then it'll grow ^^

AemC said...

haha jia you^^but u good at memorising..u can do it!!!