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Thursday, September 13, 2007

tired + lazy..

help help help...i'm so so lazy today.. need ppl to help me to pull out all my lazy roots d.. no mood to study at all.. but at least.. i didnt sleep in class...

huh.. wat a long day... 2 hours circuits.. 3 hours experiment... another 3 hours for maths.. :p.. i'm so guai today.. i didnt drink any coffee le.. but guess i'll need it for tmr morning.. as my class going to start at 9am!. well i didnt register for tat class(visual programming).. so if i dont attend oso no harm at all.. just tat.. hmm it's a very important subject better attend lo.. staring at my wall again now.. looking at the pig... looking at the smiley face.. 加油!加油!.. hehe

today teacher return to us our maths quiz paper .. haha.. well things turn out better than wat i expected..keke.. not really that bad la.. a few questions i dunno how to do..so i got them wrong but then i don care.. other than tat.. i just made 2 careless mistakes then others all correct.. ^^.. hehe... so lucky... :p.. forgot to check on Ajezz n Hapizul's paper.. keke.. hope tat they copy the correct answers lo.. n not the wrong 1.. i hope i didnt screw u guys up :p.. if i really did.. Sorry ya ^^

human do make mistakes rite? hehe i'm listening again.. to that song..again.. "sorry for the stupid mistakes.." by babyface.. i really like the lyrics..
especially.. this part..

Sometimes a man is gon' be a man
Its not an excuse, its just how it is
Sometimes a wrong, don't know that they wrong
Sometimes the strong, ain't always so strong
Sometimes a girl is gon' be a girl
She don't want to deal with all the drama in your world
God knows I don't mean to give it to you
So girl, I'm sorry for the stupid things
I wish I didn't do but I do

I listen to this song at least twice a day to make me carm and think... well sometimes.. mayb more than 10 times.. We ALL make mistakes--here he is admitting that he was stupid and is apologizing for it. This song truly touches the heart.. like wat jay said.. the person who sing this song.. full with feelings.. as if like he himself had such an experience b4..

stupid mistakes? i'm sure every1 sure will have this kind of experience b4.. mayb not like wat the lyrics stated.. but then.. there's no perfect in this world rite? especially in human.. so everyone do has... at least once.. or twice..

i did.. i really did ^^.. here i admit.. how stupid i am..~ hehe... stupid things...~ I'm very smart 1 ^^ not stupid~


jay said...

wat la.. dont say urself stupid la.. every1 make mistakes... v are all humans.. dont think like dat.. u know wat i told u rite.. god made a perfect masterpiece and lost the plan.. couldnt make more.. hehe

jay said...

like dat la... mz say smart... got somemore 3 more words behind... smart, intelligent,...... and ..... no nit tell the 2 more words.. u know d..

Jëff @...............@ said...

first..thanks for introduce this song to me...haha..really nice...i like it too...this time not only the melody attracting me but also the lyrics..haha...cheer up...fighting...dun blame urself lar...i believe everyone made mistakes...learn from where u did ur mistakes loo...^^

生番薯 said...

cause i've made a stupid mistake...i like tis song more..

S said...

한글로 써지는지 모르겠네..

영어가 미숙해서 중간에 해석이 잘안되지만... 대충 읽었어

뭐 실수 할수 있는거지 ㅋㅋ

실수하다보면 점차 낳아지는거구 안그래?

ㅎㅎ 힘내고 오늘하루 수고했어

crystal said...

jay: wah.. thanks for the praising :p
jeff : no prob.. it's indeed a very nice song
s : 알겠다! ㅋㅋ 힘내고 잘 살아야지. 같이 파이팅하자!