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Wednesday, September 5, 2007


sobz.. wat a long n tiring day today... class class n class...endless classes.. just came bac from a maths quiz .. haha dont ask me how i perform.. seriously.. i 망쳐 the whole thing.. i dunno wat did i write.. i simply taruh everything..gonna say sorry to Ajezz n Hapizul.. k i know the 2 of u tried ur very best to look at my paper.. well.. if u 2 really copied my answers.. well..then i'm really sorry.. i think i oni can answered abt 30% out of the questions.. lol... mayb i can say tat u 2 were quite unlucky to sit beside me.. lol ..SORRY~

yesterday nite i guess most ppl from my batch sure all were busy preparing for the maths quiz of today.. haha .. as for me.. 2 months d i didnt touch the book.. maths summore.. 2 months didnt do.. sure all karat d.. :p.. i opened my book tried my very best to force myself to put in all the formulas ... this n tat.. but guess wat.. ntg masuk.. lol.. so me n my roomie.. we ended up decorating our wall keke well just to get some motivation ^^ (kinda chilidish la.. we did till 2 am.. lol .. n didnt study.. just flipped through the maths book oni haha)

so here's the picture of the place tat i decorated :P

hehe.. u noticed i put the word 明天会更好 (tmr will be a better day) rite? hehe... quite happy to c this.. mayb i'm not artistic or creative enuf.. but i'm really satisfy with wat i did here... (haha sorry to the maths book.. really no interest to study last nite) the 2 papers tat sticked on the wall.. are my time tables.. hehe

let's take a closer look ..


something to remind myself.. hehe.. tat's wat i always hope to be.. keke.. hopefully everyday i look at this smiley face.. then i can do like wat the smiley does lo.. hehe SMILE... YWEN ^^

and then.. i have erm...

notice rite? i put a 10000 note there.. lol study!.. for the sake of money haha~ (pls dont rob my room ^^) remember $$~

guess wat.. yesterday teacher announced the results.. lol.. i was in the top 10 list.. too bad scholarship oni given to top 8.. haha nvm la~ work hard.. study more.. then next time can masuk the top8 list d hehe..

next i have...

the word "Z" with a cross!

wat's the hidden meaning? can u read the words ?? hehe NO SLEEPING! 不要做猪!TAK BOLEH TIDUR! 자면 안 돼! lol i know this sounds stupid.. but i really needa remind myself over this.. coz i think i really sleep a lot...tat's y i'm writting this in diff kind of languages.. haha.. lol.. cannot sleep too much tyw! hehe.. mayb few months later i can write the same sentence in japanese :P

ok... to the end.. let's take a look at this..

piggy.. u wanna fly?? hehe ^^ muacks to the pig :) keke.. so cute

have to bom bom d.. so smelly here.. hehe..! tmr will be another long n tiring day~ oo oh yeah.. today teacher edi give report to do.. sobz.. well.. busy life is not a bad thing oso la! fighting every1 ^^


MP said...

lol..we 2 are stupid right?hehe..jz hope that all these things will motivate us la...^^ if not jz take it as the decoration of our room...:P

Ajay Kumar said...

nice decoration... or so called motivation.. haha

Jëff @...............@ said...

wooo...such a good method to remind urself not to sleep too much and study hard...kaka...no more sleepy pig loo...fighting ya!!!

AemC said...

what a room..wonder will this work..tell me if it did..even temporarily^^don't scold me ya:P

生番薯 said...

money on the wall...really good motivation...i think i should put US dollar only got enough motivation