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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Thank You Guys

Thank you guys.. thank you batch 85..
it's been a long long time.. i didnt smile like this d.. hehe last nite we celebrated our belated 2nd anniversary in korea.. this time was a bit different from the previous one.. as this time.. not oni the chinese.. they were 85 of us together... different races.. hehe well we r all msians ma~ we celebrated at 안양천 which is a river located beside dongyang.. we were suppose to meet at 8.30pm.. but most of them came around 9.. grrr... msian culture.. pls be punctual a bit la next time.. was so hungry...i was staring at the pizza..n the 튀김.. but cannot eat.. cannot touch.. it's so hard for me..(piggy ma).. hehe .. kk dowan complain here.. hehe

i miss all their faces (malays).. to be honest after shifted to 조양오피스텔 here.. except ppl who r living at my same level.. except ppl from my same department.. i hardly can meet the others.. as all our classes r different ma.. hehe.. i miss all the faces.. n yesterday for 1 nite.. just 1 nite.. everything seemed like bac to the past.. the day when we were still studying in snu.. we were in the same class gossiping around.. making cold jokes.. ~ thank you to the committee for organising this party ^^

..last nite.. i'm not sure.. mayb i was a bit high.. all my worries were gone.. i played.. i smiled.. i jumped around..ran around.. like a small small kid.. hehe .. even though i fell down twice while playing the "GETAH".. but still.. i smiled n i laughed... it was really fun... eventhough after 1 nite.. my waist is still feeling a bit painful (after playing the mamboo.. till now .. sobz).. but i'm really satisfied n i appreciate tat.. looking at u guys running around for the "selipar".. fooling around n all the funny stuffs.. not forgetting the beautiful fireworks.. really wanna say a big thank you to all of u ^^ u guys faces were so cute last nite.. hehe... ^^

thank you every1... yesterday.. was really a happy happy friday for me!~ .. hope tat next year we'll still have this kind of party.. ^^ luv ya.. all my frens.. if possible.. i'll try to get some photos n upload it here next time..

--> My butt n my waist.. very pain.. guess it has been a long time that i didnt exercise d lo hehe.. cheers ^^


Jëff @...............@ said...

haha...seems like u really enjoy yesterday...happy always!! ^^

生番薯 said...

wah...i can really feel the happiness by reading ur words..