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Monday, September 3, 2007

new sem..new life..new start!

1stly.. wanna praise myself a bit :p as i didnt touch dota for this whole day..
act i tot i can't tahan.. in the afternoon sure i'll play 1 game.. but instead.. i went for badminton^^ so guai today..
oh yeah.. i'm out of the topic now.. yeap.. school going to start in 9 hours time.. hehe.. sooo?
i spent some time to read all my frens' msn status just now.. all poyo n psycho status..(tat's wat mc said).. wanna read some ?
to those who still cannot feel the feeling of school reopen.. to those who're still in ur holiday mood.. read this ... then u'll feel it^^

1. SLEEP early n hv a better sem (by jt)
2. Get ready! 4 month war :p (by xx)
3. tmr is a new day(by ly)
4. can tomorrow never come? (by soo)
5. last day...ㅠㅠ (by my lazy roomie mp)
6. @#!@&#!....sch's
2molo!!!#%$@*&%$.. (by fy)
7. 개학은 미워... {which means i hate school reopen} (by shrek the prince)
8. 又一轮新的冲刺 你充足电了吗 ,依依不舍, 莫过与斯~~ (by mc)

9. Hello Dongyang (by adrian)
10. the last day of our summer break :'( ~ (by me^^)

(dai lou's 1 was funny but he deleted.. he put something like abt how lazy he is haha)

hmm.. n so on...

as for me.. i just open my experiment book.. read a few pages.. rejected ppl from dota.. n now chatting with mc while blogging... ! haha.. have to wake up at 9 tomoro.. class at 10^^.. oh yeah not forgetting.. i got a surprise called from a korean fren of mine who is doing his military service now.. glad to hear from him.. he'll be having his holiday next month.. mayb can go out lepak lepak ..(act sometimes he's quite fan.. but at least.. he still remember me lol..)

광훈이..take care~ ^^

that's all for today kot.. gudnite everyone.. bye


AemC said...

gj before our new sem start^^anyway the back part of my status like out of relation(topic) a bit:P

Jëff @...............@ said...

wish u have a good semester lo...hoho....:) jia you...

生番薯 said...

how nice...new sem new life...for me...even though new sem still same old dull life..