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Monday, September 3, 2007

God is Fair

Ppl always question god.. n the questions always start with the word "why"..
y is this so unfair to me..
y do rich ppl getting richer while the poor ppl.. getting more n more poor..
y am i sacrificing so much n it ends up with ntg!
y am i not being born in a rich family like the others..
y am i studying so hard to get a degree while the others.. they can easily get it without putting any effort.

endless question marks ????

now i tell u
GOD IS FAIR... no matter wat u think..
some ppl might strike lotteries.. but they end up with broken family... quarrels... unhappiness
u might think u sacrifice a lot.. but they're more ppl out there who sacrifice more than u..
u think u're right.. but yet u're wrong u dunno..
this time.. u hurt some1.. n guess wat next time they'll be someone there to hurt u..
ppl who r rich.. they're jealous of u.. even though u're poor.. but u're having a happy n loving family

so...?? GOD IS FAIR! ..
like my fren said
when things r not sure.. then everything is possible!
kinda emo.. =.=''.. dont tell me my PMS is coming..


Jëff @...............@ said...

yaya..i agree wat u said...people are born to be equal...but still people like to use their hands to point other's fault but they themselve cant see wat they did maybe is wrong also...
haha...dun be so emo lo...take a deep breath...i think u will feel better..kaka^^

生番薯 said...

God is fair...tats y he gave girls the ability to be emo and gave guys the ability to pamper the girls when they emo...

crystal said...

wat a good comment~.. God is really fair

AemC said...

haha..but then I think I thank God more than blame lor..u still got things to blame meh:P

Ei Mun A.k.a. MUNkey C. said...

well you know i used to think about all the questions you posed all the time...
But then I got tired of trying to understand how God thinks cos we will NEVER understand how God thinks cos we're not God!
So imho, as long as we try our best in everything we do, and God sees our efforts, God'll point us to the right path and everything that happens will have a reason and usually 'll be for our own good....so just cheer up and try our best!