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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Thank you..

It's 12th of sep today.. my dear 2nd bro birthday... a very special day to him~ .. ehehe may all ur wishes come through.. n hope tat u always stay healthy healthy lo.. take care as u're alone in singapore... dai gor chai d.. u know wat u're doing :p

bro.. u're in singapore.. i'm in korea.. eventhough we're so far apart... but our heart r always together ^^.. so far yet so near.. hehe.. whenever i'm sad or down.. u'll always there to cheer me up.. give me guidance.. take me out.. give me big big treat... pamper me.. lol.. act not oni u.. this post is to my 3 lovely bros...

thanks a lot...thanks for always being here with me ^^ since young till now.. i'm edi 20 years old.. within this 20 years..we've gone through thick n thin together.. but oso we've gained lots of sweet n sour experiences together.. i'm really blessed with the 3 of u.. as my bros.. i wanna thank u the 3 of u..for always giving me unquestionable support.. thank u to my parents.. thank u for bringing me into this world ... thank god.. thank u for giving me such a happy family..Millions of thanks... sobz.. miss baba.. mama.. n my 3 bros...

once again.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

then at the same time i wanna say thank you to another person too..

to u (my good good roomie) ^^
so glad that u're my roomie..
always here to cheer me up whenever i'm down..
always here to give me guidance whenever i need it..
always here to help me in my studies..
always here to let me bully.. help me to do all the house chores..
always here to cook for me... sometimes even pamper me..
always here to help me to make decisions..(sometimes u force me to do on my own :P)
always here to wake me up early in the morning..

n the most important thing..
whenever i'm emo.. u're always here..

really thank you ^^.. i got ur message d.. 我只有一个.. hehe .. so lucky to have a good fren like u...

thank god... for giving me so many companies.. good good companies.. family.. frens...
i really appreciate this very much.. just hoping tat.. all this can last forever.. n ever..
a msg to every1.. 珍惜当前.. appreciate wat u're having now.. if not u'll regret when u lose it..

Thank you..


MP said...

waa...i am so touched ler...:P
thx for making me to feel that i am such a good person..
hehe...jk...but i really thank u too..thx for everything u do for me~~

生番薯 said...

a thank you post...today thanks giving day??haha...kidding

jay said...

happy birthday yiwen's brother.. and congrats mp.. u got some1 praising u so much d ( she act pancing wan u do more housework:P) hahaha..

kjian said...

hhmmm... use my name to write your blog.. out of idea wat to write?? copyright protected. Owe me one meal!

AemC said...

haha 这么远 那么近..needa salute MP too..loz:P

Jëff @...............@ said...

please help me to wish ur bro happy birthday kjian happy birthday....hehe..although a bit late...wat u said is correct...appreciate the things u having now...if not u will regret when u lose...haha:P

crystal said...

mp : keke very cute la the 2 of us.. always rampas wanna do house work ^^
生番薯: we dont need wait till tat day.. we can say thank u to any1 on anyday ^^
jay : i very sincere 1 ar..
kjian : swt..! ppl wish u u not gam dong oso geh.. owe u 1 meal pulak!
aemc : 这么远 那么近.. so far yet so near.. keke
Jëff : i wished d! ^^