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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

추석~ happie mooncake festival

1st of all wanna wish everybody 中秋节快乐~ suppose to say happy belated mid autumn fes hor? keke.. edi past 12 :P

sorry quite long i didnt blog.. (eventhough i'm having my holiday now~) , btw today is the last day sobz.. thursday have to go class again.. 5 days of my holiday.. but i like did ntg oni.. hehe among this 5 days.. 4 days i suffer haha coz i'm sick hehe.. now still~ praying hard that i'll get well soon.. lots to study le..!

mama.. miss u suddenly.. if u're here sure u'll cook lots of nice nice food n let me eat.. sobz..


AemC said...

lol sounds like MP not taking care of u very well nia..kidding nia lar:P..don't DOTA too much!!don't sleep too late!!and you aren't the only one who did nothing during this holidays^^

Jëff @...............@ said...

happy belated mooncake festival again..kaka...take good care of urself le...dun let urself fall sick anymore..k?

jay said...

erm... " 7 reports + every nite dota + shopping + outing = 5 days holidays " all dat do in 5 days.. sleep less, eat aso less not proper.. c la nw sick d.. nevermind.. dnt let dat happen again.. take care.. get well soon..

生番薯 said...

no wonder no update...sick hor...get well soon~!