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Monday, September 10, 2007

Response to u!

wat a day..
woke up early in the morning.. just to do my report..
study.. dramas..
cooked.. chatting.. eat..
study n dramas again...
till evening.. mp came home... we dota 1 game.. then..?
went market with jt.. came bac cooked again...
till just now..

chatted with my dear 2nd bro..n being lectured (more to advise la) for almost 45 mins...
telling me.. how bad is ppl... how cruel is the world
advising me.. how to face the fact.. how to relax..
guiding me.. how to overcome with probs..
teaching me.. how to open up myself.. how to find happiness~


well..we live n we learn at the same time ma..
thanks ya bro.. ^^ luv ya always...

forced myself to study.. open the book.. but ntg go inside.. hehe.. luckily.. sh(rek) the prince layan me dota for game.. feeling relief now~ no worries..no sadness ^^.. eventhough i was feeding just now.. still i was enjoyed..

thank you once again~ ^^

oh yeah.. bro.. ur sis me.. very brave.. n tough ! cheers for me pls...^^ n i'll try to be more mature.. wont be so "sai lou" like wat u say d.. promise u.. i'll change ~
thanks for introducing the songs.. especially.. the song "love is colour blind" ^^..


Jëff @...............@ said...

everyone is changing and growing every single days..including u...so jus relieve urself and let happiness come to u..cheer up ya...fighting!!!:)

Ajay Kumar said...

erm.. i dont know if u think u hv to change.. but there's 1 thing surely mz not go off from u... SMILE!!! ^_-

生番薯 said...

youngest child always being treated as small kids...needless to change de la

AemC said...

lolz..since the world is cruel so u r the one to treat urself nicely..'happy-go-lucky'^^