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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Nothing else matters(chips advertisement haha)

rained the whole day today.. spoilt my day .. spoilt my mood.. hehe but then dunno y feel like eating cakes now.. keke n i really got it.. thanks lo.. paiseh.. millions of thanks ya~..

i feel like this year i myself 犯桃花 lo.. mayb i needa go to the temple n pray pray d.. lots of stuffs happened within this few months.. who to blame? i myself oso dunno lo.. kinda tired with all this stuffs.. grrr.. dunno y hor the more i try to prevent.. the more teruk it becomes... somemore.. sometimes i am lost for words .. '' ok i'm looking at my wall now.. focusing on the smiley..!
remember " be happy be cheerful be myself! ^^ " hehe.. ok.. forget abt everything! cheers~

alrite today i was quite happy.. y? the lecturer that i dislike the most , the 1 tat i thought he's going to teach me for 2 subjects.. today i had my 1st lesson for 1 of it.. which is semiconductor.. to be honest i didnt 기대 much over this lecturer.. but then out of my surprise... the moment the lecturer walked inside.. i looked at his face.. n .. i got a shock.. quietly.. i myself shouted YES! inside my heart.. lol .. wondering y? keke.. coz the lecturer had changed lo! change to a very hardworking, nice, good in teaching 1.. wat a good news.. super good news to me lo! sure u guys wondering y i so dislike "that" lecturer lo.. k i'm going to tell u y..

the previous sem.. he thaught me digital engineering.. the way he teach is like.. ok class.. open ur book turn to page xxx.. with a very "chuen" face.. then read line by line from the text book.. open the projector explain a bit.. n that's all!.. huh.. like tat i myself oso can study lo~ i dont need u seriously.. but his exam ques really super easy la.. eventhough u sleep inside the class u oso can score.. luckily.. he's not teaching me semiconductor now.. (kinda tough n need lots of understanding over this sub).. he's oni teaching me digital again this sem... if he teaches me semiconductor this sem.. haha.. guess mayb A- oso i can't get d for this sub this sem.. hehe..anyhow..cheers for this good news! n i remember he always acted like as if he's very good in teaching.. but most of the time even simple maths oso.. he cannot solve it.. he will saje saje pura turn bac n ask us.. if we correct his mistakes.. then he will say " i know ar.. i saje wanna test u all got concentrate a not oni ma! " wat a lame n stupid excuse..! dunno means dunno la~..

well.. as usual.. if there's a good news.. sure there's another bad news.. sobz.. unexpectedly.. today my 1st physics class.. quiz again! haha i 망쳐 again.. lol.. really needa start study d.. nvm lo.. tmr will be another day ^^.. quiz oni ma.. ntg after all :) but then.. the lecturer is kinda funny.. hehe.. his english is better than my maths teacher la.. but then he likes to talk abt himself.. lol.. funny.. guess his class will be quite interesting :P..

weekend is coming!.. report has to be finished b4 monday!.. i still left the 실험고찰 .. can any1 help me to answer all the ques?? very headache.. sigh.. tmr we'll be celebrating our 2nd year anniversary in korea..again cheers every1 !!.. cheers for dota tmr!..

n to my 3rd bro.. dont mang lo.. slowly do ur project! give u moral support here.. jia you! muackz muackz! hehe


Ajay Kumar said...

luckly ur lect change d.. my lec never change for dat stupid boring subject.. so i decided to drop dat subject straight.. dowan take bcoz of the lecturer.. haha

crystal said...

but still i kena 1 more subject... sigh...

AemC said...

so nice straightaway got cake to eat..guess what I got h/w dee for the first class..almost full time class somemore:|..lazy to study ler:P

Jëff @...............@ said...

cheer up...nothing is impossible !!!^^

生番薯 said...

i wanna "fan tao hua" also cant...u pass the flower to me la