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Friday, September 28, 2007

Action speaks Louder than Words..

was sicked for the past few days.. n now.. still having a little flu.. kelian hor~ .. sobz..
have to admit tat.. sometimes action really speaks louder than words.. y?
few days ago i was having a self conflict~ n guess it dissappeared quietly.. without me knowingly.. =.= i admit tat i'm stress.. aww.. i want more more.. holidays..!
.. k forget abt it.. let's blog abt something else..
(자~ 전자회로 시간이다~~~ 일어나자!)

k half an hour ago.. i was still sitting inside the classroom... facing this blackboard~ .. =.= '' my super hardworking 전자회로 교수 , a lecturer whom i think he's very gaya la... really 有性格 lo he.. wondering y am i saying this?

1. he wont care the students' attendance.. (as long as u appear .. eventhough it's 5 mins earlier be4 the class ends u're still consider attended.. n that's y.. they're no late in his class.. as he'll oni check the attendance 5 mins b4 he lepas the class.. =.='') to him.. if u dont 1 listen better dont come la.. later make noise inside the class.. (he talks super soft...) others can't concentrate.. more teruk

guess wat my previous class.. was a 3 hours class.. 1st period.. the total students inside the class i guess max was 15.. (btw msian students edi 9 ppl lo! inside my class 15-9 = 6 koreans!).. 2nd period.. i saw some NEW faces.. n i asked a korean guy oso (야 .. 너 언제 왔어? 답: 흠? 방금! )... k i guess 2nd period got abt 20 plus ppl but not more than 25 la.. n while teaching teaching.. i saw 2-3 came in oso..n guess wat.. few mins b4 the class ended, b4 the teacher started to call out the names.. i turned bac.. n i notice.. wah.. FULL d~~~ =.='' all entered 5 mins earlier oso hia? my class has around 40 ppl 1 lo.. all so GUAI.. they so obey the lecturer instructions.. no making noise inside the class ma.. swt~!

2.his dressing style.. to be honest.. very gaya la not like the others.. can wear jeans n t shirt 1.. ( super hard to find in korea~~mostly all in suit 1 .. if not suit oso sure got slacks with collar shift ) ^^

3. his homework? give u ques.. u do but u dont have to pass up.. pass up oso he wont mark.. want answers? discuss among ur frens.. that's wat he said.. =.= and then? just oni my previous class.. he mentioned.. k i want u guys to form a group of 5, make ur own questions n solve it..pass up to me few weeks b4 the mid term exam.. tat's it.. haha... macho~

4. his teaching style.. k la.. to be honest i like his teaching style.. kinda funny looking at him.. as most of the time he asked n he answered all the questions at the same time.. we dont have to think oso .. wahaha.. but then.. pls la.. too many 유도.. no need so hardworking lo.. i guess inside that class other than msian students.. non of the koreans can understand wat u teaching oso.. like just now we spent 2 periods to 유도 the 7 formulas.. sigh...n i hate integrations lo~~ sigh.. how i hope u know it.. just now when u're doing all the 유도.. i was having a super headache facing all the formulas~~

5. he's super punctual... my class is from 2 -450pm.. by 150, for sure u can c him walking around inside the class waiting for the students.. n hardly he will lepas earlier 1 lo.. 450 means 450! .. sometimes i really hope tat he can be lazy a bit.. at least i dont need to drink so much coffee lo.. i hate fishing inside the class anyway.. like tat can save up a lot coffee money =.=''

ai dunno la.. loads to talk abt him.. haha he's cute anyway.. i like his class..i like him oso.. but i dont like tat subject la.. n i dont like my book ar..! my book.. is full with korean words with no pictures.. no colours oso.. really feeling headache .. whenever i open it.. sobz!


jay said...

action speaks louder than words.. erm.. self-conflict? erm.. watever it is.. i hope u dont think much and get it over... abt ur so gaya lecturer.. not bad.. kah kah kah.. nice wat his class:P

AemC said...

lol can ask him to teach me 유도 ar??try until my head exploded dee also can't get=.=at least M'sians can understand his teaching..sometimes none in my class can un(of coz I'm included!!)..the action u mean is to counter the conflict??if so act fast:)

Jëff @...............@ said...

haha...wat a special lecturer i ever heard before...btw action speaks louder than words..true le...cheer up ya...add oil in ur studies and dun be so stress oh!!!^^..hehe

生番薯 said...

haha....i hate integration as well...but reading ur description..wanna meet ur lecturer...btw...u got awarded.