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Friday, September 14, 2007


Cheers! today is friday!!!!!! yeap.. weekend is coming! ...!

Just came bac from class.. n later at 2pm there's another 3 hours class.. hmm.. alone in my room now as mp is having her class..

wat am i thinking now? hehe of coz wat to eat for lunch.. =.='' no idea wat to eat.. muak with outside food... dunno wat to cook at home.. hoping tat some kind soul will knock my room door n offer me some free food.. or perhaps... cook for me? or mayb at least.. just gimme an idea.. wat to eat for lunch... :'(.. i hate making decisions.. especially decision like this.. WAT TO EAT! hehe.. nvm nvm! ^^ ... i make my own decision.. n cook on my own lo! sobz..

Woke up at 8.25am this morning.. haha.. class at 9 :p.. (i was not late to class) n luckily i still manage to make a cup of coffee if not guess just now i edi sleep inside the class haha.. blame dota lo.. dota till 1.30 am last nite.. n as usual.. my mind was too active.. around 2.30 i guess.. oni i fell asleep..! 영표 scolded me this morning.. said i promise d not to dota for weekdays.. keke.. (미안..요즘 스트레스를 진짜 많이 받거든... 스트레스를 풀기 위해....ㅎㅎ.. 그리고 오늘도 한 친구의 생일이라서... 그래서..그냥 했어! ^^.그냥 한 게임만 했어..! 하나만!.. 봐 줄 수 있지? ㅋㅋ)

Today is Wei Zheng's birthday..Happy Birthday!! lol jt bought him a cubic cube.. lol.. quite creative oso la this idea... but i feel like a bit expensive.. like not worthy.. but since it's his birthday.. still Happy Birthday! hehe well.. tonite will be another busy nite! (got party ma :p)

Dunno y.. this few days i oso wore pink shirt.. (same for today..).. ppl commented.. i look nice in pink.. really hia ? =.='' for once.. i hate pink.. coz it's too girly.. but then.. as time pass.. i started to like pink.. coz i realised that it's a very sweet colour.. hehe.. that's y..after wearing a pink shirt or a pink blouse... or mayb a pink skirt or a pink pants(erm.. for sure i wont buy pink pants.. lol) .. that person automatically will look sweet oso lo..erm..mayb sweeter than a pink panther?? keke.. hehe! ^^ can't deny tat now.. pink is really nice!
<---He looks super great in pink..! eventhough there's someone told me b4.. he looks scary~ hahahaha! (sorry.. not teasing u yeah ^^)

Cheers for the pinky pink panther!

grr.. hungry.. my stomach is calling me..calling for food~ hehe.. hehe! oh yeah.. tonite there's a concert... at 안양천.. mayb will go there n have a look.. :p..~ go cook 1st yeah~ ^^


生番薯 said...

once i like pink too...now i wanna change from pink to other colour...

Jëff @...............@ said...

ermm...i not really like pink panther...haha..u know y de hor?since i was a child..kaka...but cannot be denied that pink color is a great color...i quite like it but not the pink panther...haha...:P

Jëff @...............@ said...

haha...maybe next time i will prefer pink color stuffs in future...

jay said...

ooo.. next time u dunno wat to eat u tell me.. i gv u lots of ideas.. mayb... erm.. mayb.. nevermind.. forget it.. pink.. pink.. pink.. i think i no nit say anything abt pink to u d.. said enuff d kot.. haha

AemC said...

Friday hia??give me more stress only=.=btw u needa think of those who don't ever have the chance to think bout what to cook at home..gotta eat outside always:'(

S said...

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