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Sunday, September 2, 2007

last day of my summer break~

wind starts blowing.. rain keep falling.. yeap.. that's the signal of autumn.. it's coming..Hi^^ not forgetting to say BYE to summer.. huhu.. 2 months holiday.. so today is the last day.. kinda hard to believe it.. i enjoy so much during this holiday.. without books.. with family n frens..

well starting from tomoro..
1. i can't dota everyday.. (well not a bad thing oso la..dota too much d.. my eyes getting smaller n smaller.. :p)
2. i have to open my textbooks.. (study lo.. something that i didnt touch b4 within this 2 months)
3. wake up early n go to class..(kinda hard for me as i'm a sleepy pig hehe)
4. i have to live in a very stressful life.. n i guess not long later.. my good fren(gastric) will come n visit me..


n so on lo.. to sum up.. i have to suffer again for the next 4 months.. everyday class class class.. till 8-9 o clock at nite.. jia you jia you!

hehe just came bac from noraebang.. syok le.. so long didnt sing like tat d.. thanks ya dai lou.. n the others.. thanks for layan me lo.. i know u very tired d..but still u teman me till now.. so nice of u hehe.. u're really a good fren ^^ hungry now.. how i wish got ppl knock my room door n offer me some food..~ sobz

oh yeah the piggy woodhandicraft has finished.. hehe thanks to JT.. thank you lots lots.. without him i dont think i can finish it lo.. :p.. i'm not artistic ma ^^ so here's the picture of it

(something that ck said looks exactly the same like me.. lol..^^)

to all my frens in korea.. enjoy ur last day of our summer break lo! ^^


生番薯 said...

yi...i tot tat is rhino...

weiqi said...

take care urself la..dun make gastric visit u again