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Sunday, December 23, 2007

1st day in taiwan~

huhu... i'm in TAIWAN~ .. hehe kinda excited now.. n i ate lots lots of food
kaka.. well wat to say le.. 1st of all hmm i feel tat taiwan ppl very very weird..
it's winter now in taiwan.. but i feel so hot.. coz it's 22 degrees! huh.. ppl all here wearing winter clothing thicker like our winter clothes in korea.. wah.. so geng.. i sweat like hell u know.. huh..
feel like wanna wear short sleeve shirt tmr.. how come they can wear so thick till this level i wonder.. hmm..

hehe kinda fun.. we went to 士林夜市 just now.. haha.. n we spent a lot on food! can u believe how many rounds we ate? n how much we spent? well the food price compare to korea it's not tat expensive but once u convert bac to msian ringgit then it's really expensive huh.... nvm 6 more days to go :D $$$$

n ya.. happy winter solstice.. kaka.. just ate tang yuen.. the owner of this hostel cook tang yuen n 西米露 for us keke.. so happy ^^

kinda tired... hehe wanna oioi earlier tonite d... can't wait for tmr's plan.. tata... i'll blog more if i got free time hehe tata..


jt said...

ish ish...
1st day +2kg
2nd day +?kg??? big fat pig kakakaka
hope u enjoy urself la... the day after tmr need to start working d

Jëff @...............@ said...

wow...eat so much of nice foods there..

jay said...

eat la eat la u.. i in korea eating kimchi oni everyday.. wahaha.. enjoy urself in taiwan... and remember my words.. kah kah kah..

p/s: i waiting for ur e-mail after 6 days.. wahahaha