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Sunday, December 2, 2007

lack of time~


slept at 3 plus last nite n woke up at 1030 this morning~ n study study n study ... huh... can't wait for the holiday to begin.. 3 more weeks... tahan~~

guess wat this morning when i on my com i notice my batch oni got 5 ppl on9 which is around 11am d.. siao.. all physco d.. hehe jia you lo for our exam

erm the audition is over.. act erm among the 3 of us i did perform quite well la talked a lot.. but mayb i was a bit tired n headache so.. didnt really smile lo tat day.. surely they must be thinking y this girl so cool .. nvm la over d.. hehe dont think i can get.. coz viona very geng to attract attentions.. n lai yee was so cute.. hehe blur blur eventhough her korean is not good.. but i think she really enjoyed it~ ^^ tried my best d~ no matter wat's the result

once the result is out i'll tell u guys hehe

maths exam again on wed~ arrrrr.. must do well d this time.. if not i really scare i'll fail this sub... sobz .. final on next week.. then trip to taiwan~~ yay! lack of time now.. dunno wat to study 1st~ >.<>


jay said...

dnt stress too much for exams.. rilex2 abit aso.. eat on time.. sleep nicely aso.. u lack of sleep later eyes become smaller.. hehe.. congrats abt ur audition.. dnt worry.. lets jz hope for the best.. and ALL THE BEST for ur exams.. dnt worry.. u studied hard.. sure can do well.. and abt the maths exam.. sure can 1.. dnt worry d.. tired tired aso mz alwys smile2 1.. ALL THE BEST to you.. 화이팅!!!..

Jëff @...............@ said...

REMEMBER!!! jia a lot a lot you!!^^ hehe...fighting...

AemC said...

haha u r also one of those who psycho psycho:P..u can de lar since u r the one who can perform urself well among 3 of u..now even there're 24 hours per day also not enough for me dee=.=

生番薯 said...

dun worry bout ur exam...i am sure u can do it well...bout the audition...maybe they like cool girls leh~~~all the best to u ya~~