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Wednesday, December 19, 2007


just came b from the cinema.. went to watch "August Rush" wif a few frens
yi wen ar..... i'm still me.. i'll tend to think a lot whenever i watch this kind of movie..
ntg changes in me i guess.. or mayb i should say.. that's my character..
halfway of the movie.. i cried.. i was touched... am i too emotional?

mayb i'm tat kind of person who is easily to feel satisfy.. very easy..

anyway.. it's a nice movie...

feel free to watch.. i'm sure u'll like it..

* sleeping alone tonite mp is not here.. mayb i slept too much in the afternoon tat's y i'm still feeling awake hehe.. guess i'll continue my series.. desperate housewives.. ^^ tata


生番薯 said...

cry for a movie not means u r emotional la...emotional is suddenly crying right after u laugh...wanna know more about emotional??ask ur bro...haha

MP said...

wakaka..i am back..lalala~~

jay said...

like dat oni u enjoy the movie ma.. got something special there.. if u watch a movie wifout feeling anyting, means no fun d.. nevermind, i think it shld b a nice movie since u said so.. anyways.enjoy ur holidays..