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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

exam period..

hmm ntg much to blog.. kinda tired today.. started to study since this afternoon..

well today i finished 2 papers 1 is semiconductor while the other 1 is digital..
hmm.. being cheated by my lecturer.. coz i oni studied his tips for exam.. who knows.. he came out question out of his tips oso.. sigh.. 1 word to describe *died~ (around 20 marks gone)

well.. guess most of us dunno how to do oso.. pray hard my A+ wont gone like tat~

jia you~ 3 down.. 6 more papers to go~! jia you! ^^

arr btw.. still no call wor.. guess i really failed my audition..sobz.. $$



AemC said...

others get the call dee meh??if not still got hope what..hooray u finished 2 papers dee..it's ok lar if most dunno how to do, 非战之罪..all the best and good luck for the rest..fight till the end..give u support(since I no luck:P)^^

jay said...

2 papers down.. 5 more to go.. u can do it!!.. Chak De!! dnt worry abt the call.. since no 1 got the call yet.. i believe surely will get.. mayb now coz holidays.. wait till u come back from msia.. then v c how.. anyways, dnt think much abt it.. sure can 1.. focus focus!.. 5 more papers then finish!!.. 화이팅!! Chak De!

生番薯 said...

ganbatte!!!imagine the life after exam...exam not everything...haha...juz relax...ur mind can think more effectively