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Saturday, December 22, 2007


hehe i'm still here havent sleep yet.. will be leaving to taiwan tmr.. taiwan i'm coming ^^

it's 3.04am in the morning n i have to wake up n 8 to finish all my packing.. n leave at 930am in the morning.. huh n i still havent sleep yet =.='' sigh.. coz i forgot to charge my laptop's battery~ eeeee n now it's oni 70 percent.. arrrr... sobz.. at least i'm going to wait until 80 percent... then i gonna pack my laptop n everything..

i miss baba.. i miss mama.. i miss my 3 gor gors.. n i'm starting to miss my frens in korea.. (not all though :P) i'm feeling lonely now... n i feel regret .. regret over giving some suggestion.. but there's no turning point.. hope everything will turn out fine.. ^^

christmas is coming.. n by tat time i'll b in taiwan :D if i manage to get the line to connect.. surely i'll post up something here.. to share with u guys.. oh ya 1 more thing.. i'm thinking to cut my hair short.. now thinking wanna cut in taiwan or msia.. hehe mayb taiwan hairstyle will be a bit diff.. n i'm hoping for a change in my old look.. c la if the price is reasonable mayb i'll cut in taiwan..

eee when oni i can sleep.. no ppl on9 d.. no 1 to talk to.. no 1 to chat with.. sobz.. guess tmr i gonna sleep inside the plane again.. btw.. ei mun said tat i've grown rounder again.. AGAIN!!.. really? huh.. i need diet diet diet..............................


Jëff @...............@ said...

enjoy ur holiday in taiwan ya...take care...

Jëff @...............@ said...

wait for u to come back to malaysia....haha

S said...

지금 시간이면 tiwan 도착했겠네
마지막에 얼굴봐서 다행이다^^
재미있게 놀구 말레시아 가서도 잘 지내길바래. msn자주 들어와~

아참 머리는 파마머리 GoGo ㅋㅋㅋ^^

AemC said...

lolz jealous over u still can online..my line suddenly cut in the midnite while I'm halfway chatting and gaming..swt..