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Thursday, August 23, 2007

again.. simply..

it's 2.24am in the morning.. n wat am i doing now.. open my com.. saw a few ppl online.. tot of disturbing them..looking for them to chat.. but still i end up keeping quiet.. wonder wat r they do ing now..watching movie? gaming ? or studying? hehe.. well as usual i appear offline :p..so tat nobody can c me this girl so late d still online-ing.. hehe.. again sleepless nite for me.. sigh.. guess i slept too much in the noon.. weird la.. suddenly msg ppl.. tell him/ her i can't sleep again.. well they can't help me much oso n i'm oso scare that i'll bother them doing their own stuffs.. hehe.. mayb it's really the time for me to grow up.. not to depend on any1 but on my ownself..
ywen ar fighting! hehe.. i can do it ^^ jia you!


MP said...

cheer up~~~ i am always by ur side^^

AemC said...

so many things to 'fan' de..just do it!!!

生番薯 said...

cannot sleep??then start study...u will feel sleepy soon..:P