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Thursday, August 9, 2007


2 months holiday~ n now i left abt 2 weeks time.. in msia.. huh.. time really flies.. act i've been thinking for quite a long time.. wat word can i use to describe my holiday.. n finally hehe there's 1 word that comes across my mind which is --> "rollercoaster" .. haha funny rite? my feelings r like having a rollercoaster ride.. ups n downs nonstop.. scare.. sad.. excited.. happy.. ..n so on la..
all kinds of different feelings mix together.. lol so complicated d..

i'm scare becoz i needa do a small operation tomoro.. scare to go thru this alone by my ownself.. grr.. trust me..i really trying my very best d now..

i'm sad.. over a few things that happened unexpectedly.. sad things dont mention d la k? ^^

i'm excited becoz i do have lots of memorable surprise by my frens.. i miss the moments tat we used to hang out together.. miss the old school days.. how i wish to turn bac the time.. hao xiang hao xiang.. just like the song tat i put for my blog.. really hao xiang..

i'm happy becoz i can meet my family n knowing how much they love me.. my bros.. all taking their efforts to come bac to iph almost every weekend.. just to visit me this sister.. hehe.. taking me for family trips..
mayb some of u might notice i always mention abt my family infront of other ppl.. y? the reason is very simple.. hehe becoz i really have a very loving family ^^ (feeling proud).. eh eh stop sai meng d hehe

hey.. suddenly i tot of having a rollercoaster ride.. hehe i played once b4 oni~at timesquare.. with my frens. n i cried out.. hehe so paiseh.. n it makes me so scare until now.. :P mayb in this kind of feelings.. i'll dare to take another ride le.. who knows .. hehe so who wanna play rollercoaster.. better take me to go n play with u within this 2 weeks kaka..


jt said...

good luck for ur wisdom tooth
hope u can overcome ur fear
n think wise how to spend ur time for 2 more weeks
haha if i m free lets go for a rollercoaster ride

AemC said...

since u said now u're brave already so go for a rollercoaster ride lar...

thamxy said...

aka shock

family is everything!!!!
cant agree no more.......
(lame comment)