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Friday, August 31, 2007


it's 31st of augst 2007!.. Merdeka! Merdeka!.. happy national day to all the msians.. n not forgetting.. happy birthday to my lovely henry hehe :).. how i wish i'm at home now.. celebrate ur big day together with u..i'm sure i'll use a msian flag n balut u let u walk around.. like a merdeka baby ^^.. miss u badly.. henry.. baba mama.. today must remember to cook nice nice special food for henry yeah~ hehe..

alrite.. i just came bac from the cinema.. 7 of us went to watch the movie "stardust".. well..hmm.. it's really nice.. little bit romance..some kind of fairytale story.. i like it~ hehe act the purpose i wanna go not to say becoz of i really wanna watch.. i was just looking for some stuffs to do.. to occupy my time.. c i dota for 1 whole afternoon..(thanks to ajay~).. wat kind of life is this.. ppl like holidays.. ppl like free time.. but at the moment right now.. i prefer to be busy.. i meant i dowan to be too free as i tend to think a lot.. btw.. today really is a happy day for me ^^ hoping tat tmr will be another cheerful day ^^

i'm really not talented in arts.. i admit it by now.. haha.. mp bought for me a pig wood handicraft.. thought of fixing it this afternoon.. but i end up.. oni pasang 3 pieces oni.. haha.. how how how? need help.. seriously.. i dunno how to fix it.. i'll take a pic n post it here later after i have finish.. (waiting for that day to come) .. hehe it's act quite easy :p steps r given.. i just have to follow the steps.. n everything can be settle.. huhu.. nvm la.. if really cannot i'll ask for help.. hehe so many frens around here

hmm.. lastly.. wanna apologise to a few persons.. sorry ya for waiting to chit chat with me.. 1stly sure to mama d.. tmr sure i'm going to get scold by her d.. mama.. sorry.. sorry =.=''.. ck was dotaing tat time.. not me .. sorry~


AemC said...

lol that one should be darn easy to fix and u!!!luckily I didn't buy another one for u..if not until next year also will be left unfixed:P

Jëff @...............@ said...

hehe...keep it up...find ur happy day everyday...:P