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Sunday, August 12, 2007

OH E OH..舞吧..

this title was the title of the summer 8 concert last nite..! OH E OH..舞吧.. with this title wat do u guys hoping? of coz sure a lot of dances huhu...:p.. to those who miss this concert .. haha u really 走宝 lo.. it was really nice n successful.. this blog i'm going to tell u abt the concert last nite.. too bad i forgot to take camera.. as i was in a rush.. :'(... couldn't shoot jun jie's handsome face.. sad la...

yesterday after i came bac from the saloon (yup.. ywen is in brown now.. i meant my hair :p).. i had no time at all.. no time to eat my dinner(oats la..sobz)..coz that time edi around 7pm d!!!..after having a quick shower then my fren had arrived to fetch me out d!.. huh... n we reached there around hmm 730?? nah can't remember d.. but to tell u it was really my 1st time to c so many ppl at iph padang.. it was really really very crowded... huh.. n of coz no place to park car.. lots of teenagers, aunties ..uncles.. :p.. really nice le.. to c my lovely hometown like tat.. thanks to this concert if not a lot ppl really will think tat iph is like a dead town~ ^^.. WE NEED DEVELOPMENTS!

alrite bac to the topic.. in order to be able to go bac after the concert.. we parked our car quite far away(not at a proper parking slot summore haha).. then we walked to the concert area.. WE'VE tickets.. yes.. but still we needa stand quite far away..couldn't even c the stage clearly.. at least better than those standing nearby the roadside la..some of them even sat ontop of their cars.. the emcees mentioned tat we've around 100 thousands of ppl there.. really that much? dunno lo.. but really a lot! thanks to my bodyguard lo hehe if not i think i really let ppl pijak till mati d.. but wat makes iph-ians so happy le?? starting the emcees asked.. wat r the 3 things tat iph is famous for..hehe we sure answered caves la food la.. hills la... huhu.. but the emcees said we forgot abt 1 thing.. hehe that is pretty girls n handsome boys ma!!! siao lo.. all the iph ppl getting crazy after hearing tat.. haha so smart the emcees.. but then they're not the oni ones who said tat.. let's c..

ok for the starting of the show.. we've george lam from hong kong, he sang 3 songs but too bad.. among his 3 songs i oni know 1 of it.. which is the wong fei hong theme song 男儿当自强 haha..(make me remember soo.. n jt with this song~ lol we go bac n sing again~) then we have a boy group called "Tomoro" from taiwan.. their songs r nice.. hehe guess it's not too late for me to know them.. i think both of them r twins kot.. coz their faces look almost the same.. must admit that the elder bro looks more handsome :P hehe.. then we have daniel lee our famous msian idol~ huhu.. he looked so hot... n wen li ming with his hip hop song... ... really like a dancing party le..... becoz the organisers made 1 dancing zone for us ma~ haha

hmm then who we have.. ar.. next we have genie zuo wen xuan from taiwan.. she looks so pretty le.. plus her sweet voice .. no wonder so many guys fainted under the stage lo hehe.. even me too.. n then she said the same thing again.. i heard that iph is famous for pretty girls 1 le... is it?.. again siao lo... the whole crowd started to shout yes yes yes n clapped their hands.. haha.. if genie was here so i think u guys can guess who'll be the next to go up on the stage.. thinking?? hehe of coz is gary cao ge ma.. with the song "梁山泊朱丽叶" --> leong san po n juliet .. so so romantic.. wat a nice song... touching le.. both of them holding hands just like prince n princess.. hehe gary summore said "as a gentleman from msia.. can u guys down there gimme a min.. i shall send our princess bac 1st.. " ... so nice of him ^^ after tat.. b4 he started his 2nd song.. he said b4 i continue let's say a big big thank you to a very special person .. a VIP..thanks for giving us a nice nice weather tonite.. huhu.. u know who d.. n again up next he said again.. iph famous for pretty girls rite?? again! the 3rd time... sure the ppl wanna crazy d.. lol.. so i started to look around n i found that iph girls tonite.. with spaghetti streps, shorts, skirts.. lol... really la.. can't deny tat.. iph really got a lot pretty girls.. hehe

after gary.. we have 永儿 from hk.. then sandy lim from taiwan.. with her famous song 至少还有你 .. the atmosphere was so high.. i wonder how come the ppl can tahan for so long 1.. most of them started to sit there since 2pm in the noon.. lol... n then we have er.. yaya! the cross from korea.. with their first song dont cry 울지마.. haha me n my bodyguard we kept laughing coz i think i was the oni 1 who can understand wat it means n the oni who knows how to sing that song.. but really their performance was very high too.. too bad oni 1 song in korean others all in english.. hey they can speak quite good english le.. not bad ^^

then we have.. can't remember d few singers from msia.. wat i oni remember was... hehe of coz the 2nd last JJ junjie!!.. awww.. he looked really handsome le.. with his killer look.. hehe.. with his 1st song simple "简简单单" --> a song tat i like very very much! n then "江南" .. guess wat there's 1 part he sang in cantonese... jiang nan in cantonese... it was really awesome... .. haha i guessed i myself oso gone crazy becoz of him d.. he said "my 1st time to sing in cantonese.. n i gave it to iph d... i love u iph ".. huhu.. of coz ma..100 thousands ppl.. singers all also sure get high le.. then his last song "baby baby".. .. really really romantic.. hehe we "yeah yeah yeah" together wakaka.. with jj la

n of coz the last to come out was FIR from taiwan.. the band.. n u can imagine how high we get again.. every1 was jumping n singing around .. too bad la.. my gum was still painful couldn't sing nicely.. wat a sad thing...summore when they start jumping.. i'm not tall enuf.. guess wat i oni can c the big big screen wat's happening infront of the stage i oso couldn't c... too bad la..

n i reached home around 12.. huh i stand for 4 hours d.. haha had my nice nice dinner around 1230.. n i slept around 130... wat a tiring day~.. huhu...

thanks to the 13 singers(from local n oversea) for giving us such a wonderful nite.. n we iph love u guys too.. do come bac again ya! JJ rocks~~.. :)


MP said...

it sounds so nice~~~~~how i wish i were there too..sob sob...

AemC said...

lolz u didn't plan ur schedule well...so so many stars there...wanna experience too~~