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Saturday, August 25, 2007


Goodbye baba... mama.. my 3 gor gors.. n my henry.. sigh... sad sad.. i'll take good care of myself.. mama dont worry much yeah~ mui mui me dai gor d.. hehe .. i'll be bac after 4 months !.. wait for me! hehe..
A special post to say good bye to all my family members.. feeling hard to leave.. 2 months le.. within this 2 months they treated me like a princess in the house.. manja me a lot.. hehe when i'm sad.. they cheered me up.. always right here beside me.. really thanks a lot.. feeling touched le hehe ^^.. guess baba n mama gonna feel lonely at home again.. without all my lau gai noises.. :p..

To all my frens.. thanks for accompanying me for this 2 months..so nice of u guys.. no matter who's reading here.. where r u now.. gonna meet u all after 4 months lo.. take care ya.. ^^

Then i gonna say thank you to a special person.. (u know who u r).. thanks a lot.. for all the stuffs tat u did to me ^^ really touched.. all the best in ur studies n all the best in US yeah..

Ntg to blog d today mayb really tired d... i'll be stopping at hk for 3 hours.. guess if tat time i'm free then i'll blog in hk lo.. if not then will continue blogging in korea ^^

oh yeah.. my due date has come.. yeap.. as i promise.. i'll do it.. n i can do it! just a remind to myself :p.. ywen can do it! ^^


weiqi said...

must gambateh ooo(now teach u a japaness word..haha) i think v'll have to meet only next year lo..take care of urself ar

Jëff @...............@ said...

haha...slept for more than 1 hour already but suddenly woke up at the middle night...dunno y le...hehe...and accidently saw ur blog...dun be sad lar...like wat u said...should look forward ma...4 months u will be back to ur lovely home again lo...kaka...take good care yourself oh...promise...haha...and i will do my job too

Jëff @...............@ said...

ya...u can do it..if u think u can..u can...support u...

crystal said...

sigh i slept for 4 hours oni nia..said d this time cannot cry but still.. this morning suddenly tears start dropping..

Ajay Kumar said...

welcome home... after 2 and half months... finally

生番薯 said...

4 months past very fast...c ya after tat...we will be waiting for u