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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Just Me..

just chatted with a fren of mine.. she asked me a ques.. how come i can always be so cheerful, lively, no worries.. ppl sees me happy.. they become happy..they thank me for cheering them up.. but when i'm sad i'm down... who can really help me? sometimes i'm really tired.. i wonder.. among my group of frens..내 마음을 잘 아는 사람..도대체 몇명이 있냐?
... the secrets behind me.. no one will ever know.. no one will ever understand.. oni me..~


生番薯 said...

u will soon find someone will understand u the most.he is juz somewhere out there.sometimes,he will show up...がんばって

crystal said...

thanks for the advice^^ guess i a bit emo d yesterday..

AemC said...

it's understandable not to look dull in front of ppl..but 'wad' everything inside only make u suffer..emo prob again lolz..