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Saturday, August 11, 2007

changes in ME :D

let's forget abt my swollen face... bleeding tooth today hehe.. as i promise.. today's post will be sumthing different.. sumthing funny :p (mayb u dont find it funny srry ya..)

so wat's so funny le? curious d? haha yesterday me n mama flipped through the photo albums.. haha n it's really funny to look at the small small innocent me.. kaka.. remembering of the past.. huh... k k .. let's have a look with tat pictures.. n gimme some comments c whether i got change a lot a not wakaka.. ^^

at 1st i thought wanna put a baby photo of myself.. but all my baby photos like botak oni.. better dont la.. later i'm sure u guys will tease at me .. ^^ .. so in order to prevent it.. better dont put lo hehe

ok i'm not sure abt this photo but i guess it's around 2-4 years old... at my dad's workplace..

those legs behind belongs to my bros .. dont worry~ :P

n this.. i think i grew up a little bit.. at my uncle's place.. i was crying... sobz.. coz i fell down accidentally.. pityful me.. cry oso let ppl shoot photo..

"* sobzzzz .. pain~~ *"

n then a little bit bit bigger... around 5-6 years old lo i think.. coz can c my cute cute face d.. haha got change a not???

ok then let's jump to the kindergarden me.. haha after performance on the stage.. eih.. how come i didnt smile le.. (must be the cameraman no good la~)

sien with all those cute cute photos d.. let's skip again.. n this time the standard 6 me( thanks to my bro sejarah project, if not i really dunno where to find my primary school photo..sobz).. sigh. how come i smile till like this 1.. hehe but it's kinda funny to c bac the old photos.. memories ma.. :P

*tat time my dad just bought a new motorbike for my bro.. that's y i was posing infront of it~*

alrite.. this time will be the secondary school.. me :D erm this 1 was taken during leo forum at SHAH ALAM.. can't remember form 4 or form 5 d

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hehe.. suddenly so big gal d... i wanted to post up my graduation nite photo 1.. but then better dont la :P

n the me b4 i fly to korea~~ this photo was taken during my farewell party.. ^^

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*spot me* ^^

n now.. the pretty pretty current me!!!! kaka.. (go take a plastic bag if u wanna vomit.. i dont mind) haha





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so have u notice the changes in me? .. :P


MP said...

"n now.. the pretty pretty current me!!!! kaka.. (go take a plastic bag if u wanna vomit.. i dont mind)"
i was regret for not taking:P
hehe..no la..jz kidding...yi wen is mmg pretty ...^^

Jëff ð çrystâl said...
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AemC said...

ya lar got changed lar..my table dirty d:'(..wondering how ur graduation photo looks:P

thamxy said...

hai hai...i m 1 of the 谭家's member also...proud of ur beauty in our 谭家...hahahahahaha...
be confident n u will always look pretty...hehehe^^

thamxy said...

sob sob....
a birdy has grown up into pheonix~~~
even though u r one-tooth short, u r still the pretty pretty one....hehe
.....hei...i m half of 谭家 member too ....

thamxy said...

that "sob sob" thamxy is actually shock..