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Monday, August 13, 2007


alrite today's topic is going to talk abt prince~~ note* not prince charles...or neither handsome handsome prince william...forget abt all those prince charming.. haha my topic is abt a few types of prince tat oni happens in fairytale story...lol.. i'm going to apply all these fairytale princes to our real lifes.. wakaka

just last nite i chat with a fren of mine or so called "sh the prince" (j/k oni :P).. abt this issue.. mayb both of us too boring kot.. i forgot how it started wat i remember was.. we started this abt the frog prince n the horse prince.. (n this issue i chat with my roomie mp b4 too).. haha

ok abt the frog prince(青蛙王子).. when u heard abt this words.. wat'll u be thinking of.. of coz ugly looking.. shortie.. smart..poor.. n oso a gentleman prince rite? if not how come the frog can successfully catches the princess's attention n gets her heart le.. huhu.. so in real life.. when a guy approaches u.. a guy tat u've never thought of it b4.. who suddenly approaches u n both of u end up with a happy ending.. so we can describe tat person as a frog prince rite?

for the opposite.. the horse prince(dont care white or black la) --> 白马王子/黑马王子.. they're like stars above the sky.. a type of guy tat every girl will dream for.. handsome looking.. smart.. with nice height..rich.. everything seems so perfect in them.. to girls tat had already successful ly found their horse prince.. wow u're really lucky!! u've successfully caught a star :p be satisfied with wat u're having now.. dont simply simply let go of him ya!

so then.. after this 2 types of prince.. my fren suddenly came out with an idea.. he wanna be the shrek prince! lol... speechless.. the green colour.. shrek.. yih... hehe ... but cute oso la c shrek so sayang his fiona orge princess :p.. loving ma~ shrek type how to describe le.. a type of guy tat very responsible..loving.. cute.. n big size? hehe jk jk.. but still is a prince wat.. at least tat type of guy will care for u more than u care for him :p.. i want a shrek prince too! hehe

watever it is.. make sure u dont get the flower prince (花花王子)who'll always change their "picture"--> (girl) very often.. a type of guy tat'll not satisfy with wat they have..(endless nafsu? haha).. a type of guy who will always sweet talk girls..to sum up.. a guy who doesnt know wat they really 1 haha..until they're old .. dangerous type of guy.. beware of them.. u'll feel insecure!

n not forgetting.. my uncle told me b4.. another type of prince.. beauty n the beast(美女与野兽).. yes a BEAST! meaning a guy tat is kind hearted even though he is not good looking.. quite fierce oso.. but when it comes to love relationship.. he will sayang the girl a lot 1 ar.. he'll do watever he can.. in order to win the heart of his love ..hehe..love blossoms becoz of beauty from within n not external~... this type of love is everlasting as when we grow old beauty will fade.. but beauty in the heart will never fade..
like my fren said b4 " flowers will die..water will dry.. but love will never say goodbye " so so romantic.. sobz

so which type of prince r u girls hoping for n which type of prince do u guys wanna be? give some comments n mayb u've another type of prince in ur heart :D heh


生番薯 said...

me?no need guess also know i am those beauty and the beast type...haha...i guess u know why la.dun let ur bro bout my comment ya...

AemC said...

hoho next time u can post something bout princess instead^^(but not urself...)