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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

life goes on~

hehe my previous post made a few frens of mine quite worry abt me.. sorry ya.. ^^ i'm fine just tat yesterday i really felt like tat.. it's normal rite? i like to emo 1 ma (at least normal for girls lo).. anyway thanks for the concern ya..

an old fren of mine asked me a ques : "if u're unhappy y do u 1 to force urself to smile infront of the others?" .. hehe scare ppl will get worry abt me.. how dummy i am hor? always scare this scare that.. guess i always think too much d

really very nice of him~ i really appreciate frens like this.. to me i believe watever happens there's a reason n there's a solution.... the weakest side of me is when i'm sad or down.. i will hide myself alone..away from the others.. or else i'll just keep quiet.. mayb that's me gua.. :p.. will try to change hehe.. takes time rite?

hey today is the shrek prince's birthday.. happy happy birthday shrek~ hehe missed ur birthday for 2 years d.. but still i remember to wish u in here msia..(sms u d..oversea summore!) will be bac next sat.. frens in korea dont miss me too much :p

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AemC said...

just be urself^^船到桥头自然直 哈哈