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Friday, August 10, 2007

PAIN !!!

everything is over now.. over over over.. sobz.... i thought of writting sumthing funny one for today.. but guess i gonna postponed it till tmr...
pain pain pain!... i was so so scared... after my little lunch i went to c the dentist.. to be honest.. when the dentist trying to gimme injection that time.. my tears really dropped... i really cried..
the whole process took abt 30 mins.. n now it's over... during the operation.. i dont really feel the pain.. but now.. it's getting more n more pain...
pain pain pain... dentist gave me a few tablets... n now.. i'm going to suffer for days.... :'(.. i'm a brave brave girl.... finally it's over.... i cannot even open my mouth now.....
sorry no mood to write long today.. that's all for today


AemC said...

what a brave girl!!!wait for ur funny stuffs tomorrow:)

thamxy said...

aka shock
even though this is kinda late, but u have shown bravery!!!!!
way to go, princess!!!!
proud to be ur pxxxxx