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Friday, August 17, 2007

Happy friday!

aww..! kinda moody today but still i'm going to write a few words here .. hehe.. well i just came bac from the dentist not long ago(i had visit this same place for 4 times within 1 month).. huh! sick of it!.. gosh.. n now after the stitch had been removed.. i notice there's a hole inside my mouth.. i wonder.. the food i eat will stuck inside a not.. hehe geli hor? ^^

alrite guess wat today is 17th of august.. friday rite!.. last day of the school for all the students in msia.. ~ Welcome Holiday~~~.... (lame =.='')... well i'm going to say BYE to my holiday soon.. jst checked my next sem schedule today... guess wat i think i'm going to attend abt 30 hours class per week... haha..(too crazy till i can't stop laughing)!.. 3 days having nite classes... the moment i stare at the schedule.. i knew it.. sem gonna reopen soon..~ aww.. holiday pls dont end...!I WANT LONGER HOLIDAYS(with free allowance monthly :P) like wat yongpyo(영표) told me.. dont think abt it.. enjoy the leftover holidays in msia! .. he's correct ! hehe he just came bac from china :p.. long time didnt c him d wonder is he still so fair n muscular... :p.. i havent get him a souvenir le.. any idea from u guys wat to get for him? he's my good classmate a very helpful korean guy^^

the time is flying....in the blink of an eye.. around 8 days left.. i gonna bac to korea.. facing all my text books.. become a nerd girl again..=.='' so within this 8 days i'll keep telling myself.. eat as much as possible.. hang out with frens as much as possible.. accompany my family as much as possible.. play with my naughty but cute henry as much as possible....few more movies i wanna watch in the cinema.. lots to do hehe.. like jt said.. after 8 days oni start to diet n save money! :p.. if not end of this year can't go travel d..

btw my fren wei qi will be flying to hongkong to further her studies tomoro morning..
a special msg to her..
wei qi!.. hehe be strong i know u can do it.. remember u wont be alone there.. remember the 11 of us(from everywhere)will always support u.. next time remember take me go tour tour lo..~ hehe miss the days hanging out with u ^^ miss the days we 熬夜 together.. miss the days we chit chat together.. lots of memories.. hehe.. anyway safe flight n all the best..一路顺风..


AemC said...

haha another one who crazy over the schedule...sobz...do my 27hours sound better?:P

weiqi said...

thank you so much!!sorry i only c this msg 2day..i'll be tough..n i'll continue to do crazy things here de..hihi..then u have to come..intro u to some korean leng zai..hihi