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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

An uNexpecTed Gift

Yesterday.. after i came bac from a meeting with frens.. i reached home around 440pm i guess.. n i saw this notice was pasted infront of my house letter box...

when the postlaju ppl came to my house.. my dad had edi went out to fetch me home n that's y there was no one at home to receive the parcel..

i kept wondering.. who's the 1 who'll postlaju stuffs to me since i'll oni be here for another 2 more weeks... hmmm..

after sometime.. i suddenly got this sms from a fren of mine in penang..

huh?? is u??

i never thought of this b4..so then i replied n asked him is tat him who postlaju stuffs to me? n he said yes... huh.. so i kept wondering.. wat stuffs is it going to be.. i was so curious.. hmmm..i asked him but he said u'll know it by tmr.. hmm wat's so secretive.. i wonder..

So.. this morning i asked my mum to go to the postlaju office n take the parcel on behalf of me..can't wait any longer hehe) while the lazy piggy me still sleeping :p..

sorry needa cover my house address :P

n then.. i opened it..... n surprisingly.. i saw this inside the parcel...

it's cereals n jam!... so nice of him!!

seriously i really never thought of this b4.. thanks a lot! so nice of u JT.. i'm so touched...how come.. so nice of u.. he knows i can oni eat porridge for this few days.. coz last friday i did a small operation to take out my wisdom tooth..(still remember??).. then i msn him n mentioned to him b4 how kesian i am..how painful i am..wat oso cannot eat.. oni soft food i can take.. n i told him i eat until muak d.. very kesian..(imagine a pig like me.. everyday eat porridge oni.... a cheerful girl like me cannot even open my mouth n smile! aww).. n i didnt expect him to postlaju stuffs to me...i didnt expect to receive this from u.. all i thought is just mayb an email!.. huh.. hehe 잘먹겠습니다! thanks a lot! proud to have a nice fren like u~~ ^^

a special post.. to thank u my dear fren hehe.. once again thanks! :p hehe

* wat la! just found out.. is just a coincidence he went to buy the same thing for his grandma.. who is unable to consume hard food.. n at the same time 顺手 buy for me this poor girl who cannot eat becoz i short of 1 tooth.. ish ish... somemore his grandma dont like to eat.. *pue (vomit)infront of him somemore.. swt! not touched at all after hearing this updated on 11.34am


AemC said...

haha...then faster poslaju bou zai yuen for him...

crystal said...

aemc: none for him la~ if i 顺手 ma buy for him lo~

AemC said...

wah what a tactic..made ppl happy then disappointed..역시 jt lolz

weiqi said...

still nice of him send u a parcel la..alto things inside is sun shou buy de..

MP said...

lol...shun shou bought?but still you xin la..hehe

生番薯 said...

touching leh...even he juz happen to take from his granny...but no one will ever "happen" to take something from someone and purposely poslaju to u...cherish oh~~

i.m.not.perfect said...

i hv to plug out my tooth too later