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Wednesday, August 8, 2007


yes yes.. i admit.. i'm a big big coward... i've no where to run now.. appointment had been fixed on friday! 2pm.. i left 46 hours oni.. help!!! i wanna quit .. really desperately!!!
how to be brave... u know wat.. after the x ray session the dentist explain to me the whole procedures.. abt how is MY wisdom tooth going to be removed!!!!
1stly, he will put anaesthesia to prevent any feeling of pain during the operation. Then he will move the gum around the tooth to one side and some bone around the tooth is oso going to be removed... he said the tooth may need to be divided into pieces before it can removed.. then the gum need to stitch bac into place summore!! imagine it .. imagine it... how am i going to do this... ALONE!!! i dont wanna face this alone!!!! siao ! 500 ringgit for one stupid teeth like tat....
dentist summore ask me to do the 2nd 1 oso.... how how how......
i pay money.. n i suffer at the same time! ... i wanna be a coward.. wanna run away.. far far away... within this 46 hours.. doc advise me to EAT as much as i can!!! coz after the operation.. i'm going to suffer for 1 week....!!! meaning oni SOFT food is allowed.. PORRIDGE!... awwwwww... i'm really scare.... sobz... gor ar...

^Nick ^ says:
must be brave

ur words like no power 1 geh... at least promise me after 1 week take me go eat nice nice food ma.....

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thamxy said...

aka shock

wat to say woo?
so late liao
should have shown me ur post earlier ma....
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