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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

bac in seoul^^

i'm bac! .. hehe 2nd day in seoul d.. sorry last nite too tired.. that's y i didnt blog at all.. sorry yeah.. miss 1 day again ^^..

ok abt friday.. my flight was at 5.55pm msia time.. to be honest not to say i blame cathay pacific la.. i think their air line quite good service oso ok.. mayb due to the weather probs.. seriously.. the plane kept shaking.. imagine how can u have a nice sleep in such a teruk condition.. watching outside the window with lightnings n thunderstorms.. hehe i wondered b4.. will my plane kena strike by the lightning ar? haha stupid hor.. my plane is above the clouds ma.. sure wont kena.. but still.. kinda scary le.. hehe then stopped 2 to 3 hours in hk.. well.. erm.. ntg much to do just online while waiting for the next flight .. ^^ then reached korea around 5am in the morning (korea time).. huh.. so so hot here.. 5 am oni the sun starts rising.. the weather is dry.. then i reached my cool cool room around 7 in the morning.. :P with air con so nice keke..

the moment i reached.. i dumped all my stuffs to 1 side.. then i went to bath n sleep! keke.. i oni slept 3 hours on friday nite.. sat nite.. none at all! (inside the plane..)... hehe woke up at 11 plus.. piggy hor.. last nite oso slept 10 hours.. ^^ from 12 to 10.. piggy me..

act quite happy to come bac here.. can meet lots of frens.. hehe most of them didnt change oso la.. almost the same.. not much changes in korea.. everything still the same.. but i find tat the way i c things different jor.. huhu.. a good sign oso ^^ n not forgetting the dota fever here.. getting more n more serious d.. lol.. looks like they really need my antidote.. come my room sure can d.. let me infect them a new virus.. keke that is.. to SLEEP.. haha.. this afternoon i slept for another 3 hours again.. yeap.. the old ywen is bac.. piggy ywen... always sleep sleep sleep.. n do ntg! haha.. (no ma tired.. early morning help ppl shifted house) :p.. will connect bac my hp line tomoro.. hopefully successful lo.. eee... hehe..

happy to come bac.. happy to c my pretty pretty roomie.. happy to hug my big big dai tao guai(eventhough got lots of diff smells d.. Ck's 1???).. happy to c all my bears n piggies.. keke..
just wanna tell myself.. WELCOME BAC TO SEOUL!! ^^..


Jëff @...............@ said...

wah...not only me...kaka...u are piggy also la...always sleep...nvm la..jus rest more...recharge the ur energy before u start school again loo...

生番薯 said...

i think all girls sleep alot..haha