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Wednesday, August 22, 2007


huh headache for 2 days d.. not oni mentally but physically as well.. so pityful.. i slept a lot this 2 days coz really headache.. n that's the reason y yesterday i didnt update my blog :p .. now i'm feeling much better d.. as i really slept a lot.. hehe ^^

guess wat yesterday i went to watch the movie "secret" by jay chow.. must admit tat it's a very nice movie.. touching n romantic.. paiseh to say tat i cried inside the cinema.. tears kept dropping down.. hehe.. but the "kids" infront of me kept laughing... i wonder how could they laugh so happily while my tears kept rolling down.. :p.. am i too eomtional "感性" d le? (i'm always like tat ^^) jay really plays the piano very well.. i'm sure u'll be impressed by his piano skills.. he's really geng..here i promote this movie to u guys.. for this summer.. this is a must watch movie :p.. 不能说的秘密 "Secret"

after watching this movie.. i started to ask myself.. do i have any secrets that cannot tell any1? a secret tat is hard to keep n yet i still have too.. :p.. (do u have any?) yeap.. i believe most of us do have it.. n i have 1 too.. (dont ask me since it's a secret).. a secret tat i am not going to let any1 know.. a secret oni me myself will know.. act it's really difficult to keep a secret if it's not a happy 1.. then it'll be worst.. coz normally if it's a happy thing u wont keep tat as a secret rite? hmm sounds true huh.. but then most of us will choose to tell a person whom u really trust.. a person who really understands u well.. but if there's no 1 who u can share with.. u can choose me! i may not a good advisor.. but i do believe i'm a good listener..^^(think abt me :p) if really there's no 1 to share with.. then u have to go thru this alone.. pityful le.. i know this kind of feelings as i've gone thru this b4.. :p..

currently i'm having headache again.. gonna think abt wat subjects i gonna take for the next sem.. i'm really not a good decision maker..just dunno y i can't make up my mind n do things tat i myself really want.. i know the reason..i know the pros n the cons..but yet i dunno wat i want.. i'm always facing this kind of probs.. grrr.. n that's y i'm hoping for 1 day a person can make all the decisions for me.. hehe.. then i dont have to think.. can always live happily as i wish.. hoping for this day.. this person to appear in my life.. ^^

i'll be going to pasar malam later.. the last time to go b4 i return to korea :p.. edi start thinking wat to eat later.. ^^ yummy ~

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AemC said...

hehe happy stuffs can be kept as secret also...it'll be different kinda feeling^^anyway congrats for making ur decision..finally