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Monday, August 20, 2007

simply ^^

it's 1.25am in the morning.. huh.. normally i'll be sleeping by this time.. but today.. cham! i'm still very awake.. sigh.. wanna sleep.. tried my very best to close my eyes counting sheeps.. but still the more i count the more awake i become.. ! mama n baba edi sleeping soundly hehe...
y? coz few hours ago i went out with frens chit chat yum cha at kopitiam.. n i ordered a cup of mocha white coffee ice.. well i've to admit coffee really works well in me!.. i really cannot sleep now >.< .. wat to do~~ drama edi finished watching... net? nothing to surf.. blogs? no updates oso .. ntg to read.. n that's y i'm here now writting a new blog! pityful sobz :'(
wonder wat r my bros doing now hehe ..jian in sg..watching football kot.. yew in penang erm.. buzy surfing net kua.. hui erm.. he offline d i think he must be sleeping d..frens ar.. erm..wei qi in hk sleeping ka? lulu in sg.. hehe i think she's sleeping oso.. faye ar.. outside kai kai kot.. ei mun.. gossiping i guess.. hehe then.. kmei in aussie doing wat le?.. studying? (that girl very hardworking!) .. san in sg.. er.. guess she must be studying oso.. susu in sarawak.. (lol she's on9 now hehe).. others in msia.. sleeping kot..frens in korea? mp ar... erm..i think she must be sleeping oso(she needs to work tomoro) xein ar.. dating of coz.. mc.. dotaing! sh n xy must be oso.. hehe ajay ar.. reading his GF news kot..keke.. :P.. jt ar.. bz packing or mayb bz watching drama gua.. lots lots.. hehe.. eh he msg me now.. hehe
wat a sad thing the frens i met .. all said my voice had changed d.. kasar jor.. not like last time the deh bao ywen.. guess i sang too much karaoke in korea.. shouted a lot.. really needa change d.. cannot sing too much d hehe.. henry is sick le.. erm.. there's 1 part of his leg there.. the fur all gone d.. wondering wat happened to him.. bengkak summore.. hmm.. worry..
a lot mosquitoes r biting me now.. as i didnt switch on the light n the fan.. feeling very itchy now :'(.. wat to do le... cham cham.. hehe
can ignore me :p as i'm really too awake now.. no more coffee le next time scare scare d hehe


AemC said...

야야야...issit really nothing besides dota that I will have??though it's a fact^^indeed...

生番薯 said...

wat a long post...many fren u got huh...haha...